The most beautiful things in life are those that come from nature – the landscapes that we can only daydream about, the precious love from our family, the birth of a child and to us, it is also a Health & Beauty brand that is created from the purest ingredients. Formulating from the gifts of mother nature, The Face Shop is undoubtedly the number one choice in the market. Find out more here.


The Face Shop –An evergreen tale from the land of South Korea

A youthful and natural beauty is every woman’s desire, especially when it comes to skin care. Who doesn’t fall for a flawlessly fair skin that compliments her enchanting look even when there is no make up on. Breed from the mineral – rich ingredients, The Face Shop is the most trustworthy skin band for its exceptional result on any skin condition.

The Face Shop – Straight from Nature

Understanding the benefits of nature, The Face Shop has infused the advanced technology into the production of natural skin care for the fairy like beauty. Just like the importance of a healthy lifestyle, choosing the suitable products for your skin directly helps to enhance your overall appearance. Hence, we recommend The Face Shop as a reliable friend for everyone.

The Face Shop ensures the quality of life by providing you with the purest skin care and beauty products at reasonable prices. Keep reading on to discover the untouched nature of this world-class Korean brand.

The Face Shop - Our favourite 10

From Skin Care, Cosmetic to Body products, Hair care as well as fragrances, The Face Shop has everything you need for an ageless beauty and lifelong happiness.

With a large coverage on daily care products, The Face Shop is the number one choice in the region for its Korean standard quality with minimum budget as compared to other products of its kind. The most important contributor to the brand’s natural story is the unique processing called The Therapy. It was developed in Marches, Italy by Ethnic medical botany scholars who had been studying the magical effects of botanical ingredients before implementing it in beauty products.

The prominent components of The Face Shop formulation are marigold, olives, and bay leaf. They are all blended together following the 200-year-old Therapy to form the perfect completion of skin care and health products.

Here is the list is our picks of the best The Face Shop just for you:

  • Face Mask: Pamper your skin on a daily basis with The Face Shop’s best-selling beauty product. No matter what skin type you have, you will surely find the package that suits your need with their natural face masks extract from avocado, cucumber, green tea among others.
  • BB Cream: This is the most basic product that’s seen in every woman’s bag wherever she goes. BB cream is not only a makeup essential but also a great beneficial foundation for your skin moisturizer. The Face Shop’s natural Face It Magic BB Cream is without doubt your ultimate choice!
  • Chia seed Skincare Cream: Generally, chia seeds contain vitamin E as well as antioxidants to protect your skin from acnes and at the same time, brightens your skin tone naturally.
  • Lip Balm: With various flavours for you to choose from, The Face Shop indeed offers one of the best lip balm in the market. Apply it throughout the day and kiss the world away with your full soft lips.
  • Cleansing Tissue: This is excellent for those who are always on the go. The Face Shop’s Herb Day Cleansing Tissue makes a great companion for its natural and unharmed scent together with deep cleansing effect in one wipe.
  • Gel Eyeliner: When it comes to cosmetic, The Face Shop will never let you down. Its most sought after product has got to be the Face It All About Gel Eyeliner. This works exceptionally well on oily skin, giving the sharp look on a lady’s face with long lasting eyeliner.

The Face Shop – With Nature you can go a long way

Beauty is not only about how much make up that you wear, it is more about the true wellness of your skin. With the help from The Face Shop, women can now be more confident with their natural beauty, inside out.

The products range of The Face Shop, including body, bath, skin care and makeup, is all you need for a joyful lifestyle. From a single store started in Myeongdong back in 2003, The Face Shop has soon conquered the demanding Korean customers to be the number one beauty brand nationally and is on its way to become the top in the world. After a decade and more, The Face Shop has presented in 22 countries with close to 1000 stores. This brand is also a trusted name of many Korean Hallyu stars such as Kim Huyn Joong, SNSD’s Seohuyn, Miss A’s Suzy and most recently, Kim Soo Huyn.