Pick the best chic metropolitan styles with Tibi in Hong Kong. Read below to learn about ways you can rock Tibi’s signature styles.

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Ways to rock Tibi signature styles

Being a rising star in fashion, Tibi in Hong Kong manufactures exquisite clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories for women. The brand is slowly but surely gaining recognition based on their unique designs and delicate fabric used on their garments. Here are ways to rock Tibi’s signature styles.

Capes and ponchos

One of the classic styles that are still very in-season is capes and ponchos. You can simply wear it as a stylish alternative to your usual jackets. Although it may be intimidating as it consists a lot of fabric and could possibly turn out unflattering or too casual especially if it was worn the wrong way. However, if you knew the right way to style them, they can look amazing. They are simply cosy and comfortable to put on without much hassle.

If you plan to wear it often, it is necessary to put in some effort to style your capes or ponchos with the rest of the outfit. Nonetheless, there are basic rules to wearing it. First and foremost, the easiest way to pair it with other clothing is to choose a solid, neutral colour. On the other hand, you can instantly look chic with just wearing them over an all-black outfit. As mentioned above, as these styles consists a hefty amount of fabric, do not be afraid to pair it with a belt as it will keep everything looking neat. Also, if you are more on the petite side, make sure to wear a pair of heels as the garment can appear long.

Ponte pants

Generally, garments made with ponte fabric are a thick, double-knit fabric which is able to stretch two-ways. It is a great material as it smoothes out any lumps and bumps and is body-hugging. Another benefit to it is that it does not require ironing after being washed. Nonetheless, be reminded that not all ponte is created equal.

To ideally enhance the look of the pants, make sure that it covers your lady bits. This is because; ponte pants resemble leggings so it can be a little tight in that region. A longer top or tunic will look great with as it is important to style them like leggings.


One of the oldest styles of clothing where it has been around since the 15th century which is the most commonly used material for winter appropriate dresses as well as any shirting. Due to its thinness, it can be slightly transparent and retains its smoothness even after being ironed.

Tibi Hong Kong has reincarnated the style into pretty blouses, off-shoulder dresses, sleeveless pieces and many more. The blue shades of poplin can be simply paired with other blue garments such as denim. For a more work-appropriate look, simply pair it with a white pants or skirt.

Bell sleeve tops

After the Medieval Era, bell sleeves began making their way into western fashion. This style was mainly seen on garments for people ordained for religion duties such as deacons, priests or bishop. However, by the 1500’s, this style has been incorporated as garments for the wealthy. Until today, celebrities such as Stevie Nicks, Kelly Clarkson, Britney Spears, and Christina Aguilera are often seen with this style of clothing.

The great thing about this piece of garment is that it is elegant and adaptable. Depending on the occasion, the bell sleeve top can be paired with a mini or maxi skirt. For a more feminine look, match it up with a pair of heels. It is also recommended to pair it with rolled up denim for a smart casual look.

Asymmetric clothing

For the past few seasons, asymmetrical clothing has become a wardrobe staple whether it is high fashion or mall style. This style of clothing is here to stay because of its versatility that can work for pretty much any occasion.

Depending on the fabric, colour, and overall look of the outfit, a knee-length asymmetrical skirt or dress works well for both the office and for a night out. It is advisable for a petite woman to avoid wearing any length asymmetrical clothing as it will make her appears as if she is drowning in the fabric.

One-shoulder clothing

The one-shoulder trend has been around since the 80s era. Until today, it is still considered a very fashionable clothing item as it looks incredibly fresh, flirty, and fun!

It is important to choose the right bra for this look so that it does not peek out of it. You can either opt for a strapless or convertible bra. This is because; the right bra helps the dress to stay in place. On the other hand, pick a nice jewellery to compliment the outfit. Be reminded that the unique neckline of a one-shoulder clothing should be the main focus when choosing the right kind of accessories. The best option is to avoid flashy necklaces or large jewellery, because a simple necklace can go a long way.

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