Timberland is a renowned manufacturer of boots and outdoor footwear. If you are in the market for one, get to know these different types of boots here. You can also check out the latest Timberland boots below.

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Your Guide to the Different Types of Timberland Boots

There are two major categories of boots you should be aware of: Chelsea boots and lace-up boots. Here’s a breakdown of each type in terms of style and lacing, as well as the advantages to wearing each one.

Lace-Up Boots

Lace-up boots are pretty much an ankle-high version of dress shoes. History shows the first of its kind was worn by Prince Albert, who asked for something he could wear on the fields of his Scottish estate and that also looked stylish indoors. The boot is a great alternative to Oxford shoes – they offer similar degrees of classiness.

Timberland Hong Kong has a range of lace-up boots for both men and women, sporting premium leather finis, and breathable linings.


Both Oxford and Derby systems are suitable for lace-up boots. Whether one works better than the other depends on the boot design and purpose.


In general, these boots function as casual/business casual wear. However, you can make an exception for black ones in professional occasions. Formal footwear is traditionally made of patent leather but a pair of sleek black lace-up boots is now acceptable.


Since lace-up boots are similar to dress shoes, they share a simple aesthetic that’s easy to pair with a good suit. They are smart and timeless classics (especially the closed-laced ones). These boots add more class to even those tired or unoriginal outfits. That is why they’re reliable all-around.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots go all the way back to the Victorian era when men and women first wore them. Queen Victoria herself was known to walk in a pair every day. The ‘60s saw the boot become iconic all over the UK (as well as internationally) when The Beatles co-created a special version with pointed toes and Cuban heels.

If you are looking for a quality pair, you can check out Timberland’s collection of Chelsea boots that are made from high-grade fabrics.


These ankle boots are laceless. You slip them on and get them off just as easily by pulling the loop of fabric at the back.


Chelsea boots in Hong Kong work in both formal and casual situations. It doesn’t matter if it’s a suit or a blazer, whether your pants are dress slacks or designer jeans. These boots are great to wear most of the time. The key is picking the right color – black, brown, etc.


These lace-free boots have elastic panels on either side of the quarter (part of their signature style). The panels keep them close-fitting and breathable inside. So for those who enjoy walking and horseback riding – Chelsea boots give you just the right amount of tightness and comfort.

Things to Consider When Wearing Boots

Remember that proportions matter when it comes to boots. It’s important to always take the boot’s shape into account whenever you buy trousers with a certain fit – and vice-versa. The trick to managing boot proportions is to wear either straight leg or slim fit jeans. This accentuates the boots’ shape and style. Always make sure your pants aren’t covering the boots beyond an inch or two. You don’t want them looking like another pair of shoes. Use cuffings or have the pants altered if necessary.