While Tommy Hilfiger is known for its exquisite collection of fashionable apparel and accessories, its perfume collection is equally famous as well. Renowned for their lovely scent, the Tommy Hilfiger perfume products will get people talking about how lovely and charming you are.Read more about Tommy Hilfiger perfume in Hong Kong here below to find out.


A Simple Guide to Tommy Hilfiger Perfume for Both Men & Women

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most famous brands that boast an incredible array of well-designed apparel and other fashion accessories. On the subject of perfume, Tommy Hilfiger develops equally impressive range of perfume. Since there are tons of Tommy Hilfiger perfume in the market, it is hard to choose the ideal perfume. Here is a simple guide to Tommy Hilfiger perfume for both men and women.

Tommy Hilfiger for Men

Freedom Cologne by Tommy Hilfiger Cologne

Since its release in 1999, the Freedom Cologne by Tommy Hilfiger cologne has been a top choice. Many people agree that its unique combination of the notes of lemon, grapefruit, tangerine, cucumber and licorice has always been a breath of fresh air in the room. Whether you are heading out to a night at the symphony or a friend's pool party, this scent is sure to get peopletalking. Now, you can say good bye to scents that are either too woodsy or too artificial. Thanks to Freedom Cologne by Tommy Hilfiger cologne, say hello to this refreshingly luxurious scent as its flavorful ambience teases your senses!

T Cologne by Tommy Hilfiger Cologne

Created by Annie Buzantian in 2001, this invigorating scent features an enticing mixture of green notes with hints of woody and aromatic freshness. As the fragrance further lingers on the skin, the unforgettable combination of lime, pine tree, clementine and white wood notes delights the senses. With a few sprays of T Cologne by Tommy Hilfiger cologne, you can leave a trail of freshness wherever you go. From the renowned design house of Tommy Hilfiger, the T Cologne by Tommy Hilfiger cologne is the perfect choice for men who desire to exude an air of sophistication and freshness.

Tommy Hilfiger for Women

Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger Perfume

Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger perfume is a fresh and youthful women's fragrance that was created in 1996. This unique blend of energetic florals, rich sandalwood and sweet heather is the reason behind the wild popularity of this luscious scent. While it is recommended for office and daytime wear, the wonderful Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger perfume is just as appropriate for an elegant dinner party with friends or intimate dining affair with your loved ones. In fact, it is suitable for any occasions. The rich, aromatic fragrance lasts all day long and stays strong even as day turns into night.

For a wonderfullysweet fragrance treat, you should experience Tommy Girl by Tommy Hilfiger perfume today because it will be unforgettable moment. This lovely scent exudes freshness that you will never expect from a fragrance. Once you use it, the Tommy Girl will challenge your mind that even a fragrance can transform your mood and surrounding dramatically.

True Star Gold by Tommy Hilfiger Perfume

First released as early as2005, the gorgeous True Star Gold by Tommy Hilfiger perfume for women helps you get in touch with your inner star. A boutique of citrus notes gives this fragrance traditional appeal and lets the other notes stand out. In addition, you have the kiwi and melon fuse that create an enriching sweet side as it lends depth to whole fragrance. The lily and pumpkin flower notes round out the aromatic profile in order to make this fragrance appropriate for special occasions and business events.