TomTom is a brand that specializes in GPS navigation and mapping products. They have enough information on traffic, mapping, and navigation that covers over 40 different countries worldwide - with information that is so updated like that, it is no wonder that their information is also used by Uber and Apple for their transport services and Apple Maps application respectively.

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A guide to TomTom

TomTom is a Dutch company that specializes in producing and marketing electronic navigation and mapping products. Though they do also produce several other electronic devices such as action cameras, GPS sport watches, and fleet management systems.

The company was first founded as Palmtop Software in 1991 in Amsterdam by Peter-Frans Pauwels, Pieter Geelen, Harold Goddjin, and Corinne Vigreux. The company first started out producing and developing business-to-business applications such as bar-code readers and scanners, after that, the company focused on PDA software for consumer market such as the mapping software EnRoute and Citymaps.

It was only in the year of 2002 that their first true navigation product was released: The TomTom Navigator. The TomTom Navigator is made for Windows CE-powered PDAs and usually bundled with a car cradle and GPS receiver. Subsequent years saw the successor TomTom Navigators with improvements. Throughout the span of the following years, TomTom produced many different types of mapping and GPS devices, each one a large improvement over the previous.

Today, TomTom's services provides map coverage that are fully navigable in 126 different countries, alongside voice guided navigation in 46 different languages. Their Traffic service, which provides real-time traffic information for roads and highways are available in 40 countries. As we can see, their expansion and navigation coverage across the world is rather extensive and is plenty serviceable by a lot of consumers and businesses. Additionally, TomTom also has the NavKIt navigation engine which provides interfaces for other companies and developers to customize navigation applications for any devices or platform.

The many industries where TomTom Hong Kong navigates in

TomTom is a navigation company that has expanded to not only many different parts of the world, but also in several different industries. Throughout these several industries, they are still focused on navigation and mapping products.

TomTom deals with producing navigation devices and marketing them directly to the consumers. These products are generally GPS navigation devices and software which can guide users to their destinations. The consumer market typically has drive and sports categories of products such as GPS sport watches and car GPS devices with voice guidance. Their consumer products aim to be ultimately intuitive in interfaces, design, and features.
TomTom's automotive industry is not directly available to consumers, but only on a business-to-business basis. TomTom provides this industry with components for navigation and also the software to car manufacturers and car head unit vendors; the parts are then integrated into the vehicles for a connected and closed system.
This industry that TomTom is in basically sells the TomTom map, traffic, and navigation information and software to other businesses. It also offers platforms for developers to develop their software and applications for consumer applications and services, or for geographical information systems for government and traffic institution use. Several notable use of this licensed information include being the data provider for Apple Maps in iOS 6 and also being in use by Uber for its drivers for its map and traffic data in over 300 cities around the globe.
A service that TomTom provides which specializes in telematics: Providing vehicle tracking, navigation, job scheduling, report-logging and also two-way communications to organizations.

TomTom Hong Kong consumer products

But of course to the majority of us, we remain under the end-user or consumer group and as so, we require much of the consumer products that TomTom Hong Kong offers. TomTom currently offers five types of products:

Navigation devices
such as GPS devices that are put into your car or on your person
In-dashboard navigation and car control services
such as car head unit replacements which can be installed into your car to take advantage of TomTom's GPS and mapping capabilities.
Navigation software such as applications
that you can download and install on your iOS or Android device.
Sports watches
that usually pack in GPS capabilities so that you can track and record your workouts such as your running or power-walking routes.
High-performance and compact action cameras
that can be easily attached and carried around to record all of your action-packed adventures or just your daily everyday life.

TomTom Hong Kong Navigation products

TomTom Navigation and GPS units are usually used in our vehicles and they provide a bird's-eye view of the road, as well as a direct-overhead map view. They use an accompanying TomTom GPS receiver that provides visual and spoken directions to navigate its user to the specified destinations, as well as showing the current precise location of the user. The more feature rich and advanced models of TomTom Navigation devices also feature smartphone integration via Bluetooth connectivity; this gives the navigation units the ability to give its user more convenience by being able to read aloud text messages and also act as a loudspeaker of sorts.

TomTom GO
An all-in-one car GPS navigation device that features a touchscreen, USB port, and a speaker. The device is powered by an internal Lithium ion battery which is also rechargeable. It can also act as a Bluetooth loudspeaker for your smartphone to take and receive phone calls. There are several different GPS models under the TomTom GO line of GPS devices, such as the NAV2, NAV3, and NAV4 models.
TomTom Start
A very basic and entry-level GPS navigation device with a touch screen, speaker, USB port – all powered by a rechargeable internal Lithium ion battery.
Compact GPS navigation devices with water resistant properties that are meant for motorcyclists. Featuring the same touchscreen and internal Lithium ion battery, the RIDER GPS model has extra features such as being partially shielded and a glove-friendly touchscreen and user interface for easier operation.

TomTom Hong Kong Sports Navigation products

These are products that are aimed primarily towards users who have an active lifestyle and are often involved in many sport activities.

TomTom Sport Watches
There are several different models in the TomTom Sport Watches line up, such as the Runner and Spark, including those that are made for golfers. All of their sport watches feature their feature rich GPS navigation sensors which can allow the wearer or users to monitor their activities such as steps, distance, and possible hazards (for Golfers). They also have built-in heart-rate monitors for users to track their own health and heart status during a run or workout session.
TomTom Bandit action camera
The action camera is a TomTom product that does not feature a GPS navigation system, but is primarily a compact and durable camera that is suitable for those who want to record all of their action-packed adventures or sporting sessions.

TomTom Hong Kong is a brand that provides only the best and most precise navigation services. With coverage of over 40 different countries worldwide, you will never be lost as TomTom guides you always.