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Top Toyota Price List 2019

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Toyota 2012 Estima Aeras HK$ 168,000.00 HK Car Trader
Toyota 2012 Vellfire HK$ 235,000.00 HK Car Trader
Toyota 2014 Alphard HK$ 298,000.00 HK Car Trader
Toyota 2008 Estima Aeras HK$ 120,000.00 HK Car Trader
Toyota 2010 Vellfire HK$ 170,000.00 HK Car Trader
Toyota 2012 Vellfire HK$ 228,000.00 HK Car Trader
Toyota 2012 Alphard HK$ 230,000.00 HK Car Trader
Toyota 2012 Vellfire HK$ 239,000.00 HK Car Trader
Toyota 2014 Alphard HK$ 280,000.00 HK Car Trader
Toyota 2012 Estima Aeras HK$ 178,000.00 HK Car Trader
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Toyota 2012 Estima Aeras

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Top 4 Toyota cars in Hong Kong

Thought to be the most reliable of the Japanese car companies in the world, Toyota has been making practical and reliable cars for the world. This Japanese manufacturer is an expert in the automotive industry. As the top producers of cars in the world, there is no telling how technologically advanced their cars are. One of the top Japanese companies is Toyota. Competing with other giants such as Nissan, Honda, and Mazda, Toyota managed to conquer much of the automotive market in Hong Kong by offering perks that help customers.

You used to be able to get your Toyota cars from the local Toyota dealership only. These days, you can get the best of Toyota products online. You don’t even have to leave your home. Have them delivered directly to your servicing outlet. Find out more about Toyota products in Hong Kong below. You too can be part of the history of Toyota. Read more to know about the top 4 Toyota cars in Hong Kong.

Toyota Corolla

Not simply a Toyota model, the Corolla series of cars from the Japanese car company has brought in hundreds of models into the market. From the early days of Toyota’s progress, Corollas have been the preferred choice for the mid-sized sedan category. This is thanks to the Corolla’s reliability and general affordability in the day to day use.

So which Corolla is the best? Well, we can’t say exactly because they’re all great! But if you were to choose among the Corolla series, you may want to look into a Toyota Corolla Altis or a smaller model such as the Vios. You can’t go wrong with these two models. If you love classic cars, you could go for the KE models of the 1970s and 80s. These bad boys give you limitless options for modification. Express yourself by swapping out parts to make the car sportier as well as safer. Walk into your local Toyota dealership and ask for the one you are particularly impressed in.

Toyota Camry

Enter the larger, premium category of Toyota cars and you find yourself in Camry territory. When Toyota decided to rival European executive cars such as the Mercedes S-Class or the BMW 7 Series, it’s flagship model was the Camry. Sporting all the luxuries of a large sedan, the Camry came with a 2.0L engine along with a luxurious leather interior, larger tires, and all the “toys” we love. With dual airbags in the basic models, all the way to the sunroof, climate control, and GPS, the Camry was irresistible to many. Best of all, its price tag was a fraction of those of Continental cars.

Toyota Land Cruiser

Forged from the steel of post-World War II, the first Land Cruiser by Toyota was made to rival the seemingly indestructible Land Rover Defender. As Toyota’s answer to the ultimate 4WD vehicle, the Land Cruiser was built tough enough to handle any terrain. Able to cross waterways as deep as 2 meters (given a snorkel), the Land Cruiser brought supplies across the world in times of need. Even till today, the Land Cruiser is a big form of transport in rural areas, particularly in the interior of jungles across Asia.

Don’t be fooled by this rugged exterior though. Today’s version of the Land Cruiser is built not only for tough terrain, it also brings in a standard of luxury that is made for the VVIPs. With V8 engine sizes that reach 4.6L, these powerful beasts rule every terrain. Along with these specs, the modern Land Cruiser comes with a sunroof, leather seats, home theater sound systems, 20-inch alloy wheels, 7 seats, 4 cameras, and power boot. Try that on for luxury.

Toyota Alphard

Now we’re playing with the big boys. Take a peep into any VIP’s garage and you will most likely notice an Alphard sitting tall and majestic. Made to be a presence anywhere it goes, the Toyota Alphard boasts premium luxury even in its basic models. With a large price tag, the Alphard becomes more than just a means of commuting – it is a status symbol. Under the prestige category of Toyota’s large carriers, the Alphard is king of the vehicles. With automatic doors, automatic headlamps, automatic seats, and all the inner luxuries, your sense of style and prestige goes up a notch.

The Alphard is perfect for those bringing a large entourage along. If you are a huge celebrity, get two Alphards to bring your friends and family along wherever you travel. They will love the luxurious interior and superb performance of the vehicle’s overall make.

Now that you know more about the top 4 Toyota cars in Hong Kong, you may want to look into other cars such as commercial vehicles, sports vehicles, and SUVs from Toyota. Other than these, you may also want to look for Toyota’s accessories and automotive parts online. With the advent of online shopping, we are now able to purchase automotive products on the web. So check out Toyota’s finest products on iPrice today!