Looking for fun and educational building toys for your children? Then look no further as iPrice Hong Kong features building toys from LEGO and other brands. Find the best building toys to help your children develop their critical thinking skills and creativity at best prices with iPrice Hong Kong. Find out more below.

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Kid K'nex Blinkin' Buddies Building Set
Familiarise your children with the basic concepts of building and creating with the Blinkin’ Buddies Building Set from Kid K'nex. Let your little ones learn while having fun with a play set that's designed for children ages 3 and above. Ignite your children's creativity through playtime that engages them with the real world with a toy that lets them have fun while expressing their ideas. This building set contains 23 large parts and pieces that boast vibrant colours and premium quality construction, including special parts and pieces that are only available in Kid K'nex sets, such as blinking eyes and multi-coloured tails. Add personality to your child's creations by using the special pieces that come with this set. Let your builders create basic-looking characters on their own, then help them in building more advanced figures that are based on their imaginations. Each Blinkin’ Buddies Building Set comes with a fully coloured instructions sheet that contains step-by-step procedures for constructing the five suggested building ideas included in the package. Keep things fresh and interesting for your kids by coming up with endless building ideas that you can help your child create. Watch your kids create whimsical buddies straight out of their imaginations with this building set that will showcase their creativity. Support your children’s development by igniting their natural curiosity and creativity. Building with the Blinkin' Buddies Building Set helps hone children's hand and eye coordination, fine motor skills, problem-solving abilities, cognitive functions and spatial intelligence. Allow your children's imaginations to flourish with this educational toy. Let them design, construct and customise their own models and enjoy hours of fun playing and learning. Get your children the Blinkin’ Buddies Building Set and let them enjoy wonder-filled playtime with their adorable blinking pals.
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Search and Purchase Building Toys for Your Child at iPrice Hong Kong

Growing up as kids, toys were part and parcel of our childhood. We definitely had our fair share of pestering our parents to buy our favourite toys, and maybe the occasional squabbling amongst siblings to play with the same toy. Especially if you are growing up in Hong Kong, building toys was one of the more common toys that we could play with. These toys helped us to channel our inner “architects” and imagination to build almost anything we could think of, making us so excited. As years have gone by, thankfully these building toys are still played by kids nowadays – albeit with more varieties than we used to have.

Building Toys as Effective Educational Toys for Children

As parents, I am sure you want your children to have a strong mental development so that they can grow up to be intelligent, critical thinking and confident individuals. Building toys are effective tools to build these innate values in children. According to research, children who played building toys tend to be more creative and learn faster compared to their peers who do not.

Besides being effective tools to promote your children’s mental growth, building toys are also a great way for parents to discover their children’s tendencies and likings. Hence, there is no wonder why parents nowadays are still encouraging their children to play building toys, even in this technologically advanced era. Building toys come in all shapes, sizes and colours nowadays and are readily available in most shopping centers, even online at iPrice Hong Kong!

Variety of Building Toys Available

Building toys are so abundant nowadays that they can be found almost everywhere, from roadside stalls to major supermarkets. From LEGOs to wooden blocks to Rubik’s cubes, you can now look for and purchase these toys for your children online at iPrice Hong Kong. Thanks to our extensive network of merchants and partners, we have more than 2000 building toys available in our inventory for you to choose from. Search for the best building toys for your child’s mental development at affordable prices here with us at iPrice Hong Kong. Amongst them, our recommendations are as listed below:

  • LEGO building sets

LEGO is already a household name when it comes to building sets. LEGO’s sets are typically liked by children because of their vibrant colours and unique components. LEGO sets are a good way to introduce children to the joy of building sets. There will always be a sense of satisfaction when you complete a LEGO set.

  • Building blocks

Building blocks are also common building toys that are abundantly available in the market. Building blocks are usually made of plastic or wood and are painted vibrantly. Wooden block puzzles are useful in making the younger children think about how the pieces should be fitted in order to complete the puzzle, hence improving their critical thinking and logic skills.

Give your children building toys that are both educational and fun at the same time. iPrice has a wide selection of building toys for you to choose from, at affordable prices!