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Look for beautifully-designed dollhouses for your little girl to house her dolls in at iPrice Hong Kong. Find out more here.

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Little Citizens Boutique Stockholm Dollhouse at 1204.00 HKD from Popmap
Little Citizens Boutique Stockholm Dollhouse
HK$ 1,204.00
The Stockholm Doll House is a deluxe example of a modern dream house, in miniature format 1:18 scale. This is the kind of house you would love to live in, maybe on a cliff in Malibu. The attention to detail is astounding. The wooden loungers are lovingly precise, you can actually recline them at different angles! The oven lights up and the door opens. The corn on the cob feels different to the slabs of steak and the couches are sumptuously comfy! Plus you can pick and chose interiors and move them around, including the very versatile and easy to install light fixtures. There are three gorgeous floors of house and a set of beautiful french sliding doors that lead to one of the outdoor terraces. There is also a surprise space saving pool. We and every child we know love this mosaic pool that slides into a drawer under the house when not in use. Don't miss the water slide pool set, kids love playing weee and splash! You'll love decorating and redecorating, especially with the help of Lundby's own interior magazine that you can download here, it includes plenty of ideas for hanging your own artwork or making miniature bunting. And have a look at their online site full of tools and tips, like downloading new wallpaper predesigned with the room dimensions! Or other fun ideas like how to sew your own pillow for the house. Recommended for children 3 and up. This listing if for the house only. Furnishings, lamps and electricals can be bought here. The house along with all the furnishings in a package can be bought here. ABOUT the designer Lundby is a doll house manufacturer with a cult like following and you can see why. They're collectable that hold their value or increase in value over time. They've been making houses since 1945. The first one was made for one very lucky niece. The houses went on to adapt with the times, they became the first to incorporate electricity. Today lighting one of these babies up is pure magic! The Stockholm house was beautifully designed by architects Swedish design firm Box Design. Even the artwork on the wall is not half hazard, it's a collaboration with the wonderful Swedish artist Lisa Rinnevuo. Lundby believe that play is in the details and that durability and quality are essential. Their testers: children of course!
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 CuteRoom DIY Dollhouse Kit Photo Frame Design Decor Collection Gift Nut's Station at 156.00 HKD from Banggood
CuteRoom DIY Dollhouse Kit Photo Frame Design Decor Collection Gift Nut's Station
HK$ 156.00
CuteRoom DIY Dollhouse Kit Photo Frame Design Decor Collection Gift Nut's Station Description Brand: CuteRoom Item: Nut's Station Item No.: W-006 Assembled Modle Size: About 165*195*75mm Package Size: About 220*190*75mm Weight: About 0.6kg Dust-proof Cover: 1pcs Light: Yes Music: NO Type: Photo Frame Design Dollhouse Function: Decor, Collection, Gift, etc. Main Material: LED Light, Wood, Cloth, Metal, Plastic Time Required: 6 - 12 Hours Features: DIY house is the miniature of real house, so cute and beautiful. Creative birthday/Christmas gift. It's very romantic to send it to friends, lover, family, kids... Means more to make it by yourself! Enclosed the instructions. Grinding, bonding, assembly, modelling, placement of it to finish your own house. It's easy to finish it following the instruction. Note 1. Instruction(Follow the instruction step by step. It's not difficult to finish. Just need enough patience 2. Choking hazard-small parts. Not for children under 3 years old. 3. This item is a DIY product, what you will get is just kits and accessories! It means that almost all parts are need to be assembled. Package Included 1 X Dollhouse
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DIY Dollhouse Kit Heart Of Ocean And Kitten Diary Gift Decor Collection T-005 H-013 at 195.00 HKD from Banggood
DIY Dollhouse Kit Heart Of Ocean And Kitten Diary Gift Decor Collection T-005 H-013
HK$ 195.00
2Pcs DIY Dollhouse Kit Heart Of Ocean And Kitten Diary Gift Decor Collection T-005 H-013 Feature: Clockwork Music Movement: Music using octave metal movement has pure tone and durable characteristics No need of batteries for music movement Transparent plexiglass sheet dust cover to prevent dust LED lamp to light the lamp more power than the average 60% or more when the battery is more durable Led light bulbs and wires already soldered White wire is positive electrode and Black for the negative electrode can be clearly distinguished Safe and non-toxic Pretty and interesting Different realistic designs & vivid color Stimulates children's brain development by series of playing Developing the thinking skill and logic sense of children Heart Of Ocean Dollhouse Kit Specification: Brand:Cuteroom Full Assembly Size 19.6*10*13.5cm Music: Yes Figure Material: Wood, Cloth, Plastic with Environment Friendly paint,Transparent plexiglass Product Configuration: wooden floor, exposure control battery box, color brochures, LED lights, white latex, cloth, wood, etc. Weight around 0.6Kg Age 7+ Warning: Choking hazard_small parts. Not for children under 7 years. The little man is Not included. Kitten Diary Dollhouse Kit Specification: Item: Doll House Kit Assembled Model Size: 17.1*11.6*13.2cm Box Size: 24.5*6*18cm Main Material: Wood, Fabric, Paper, Plastic Music motor/box is NOT included. If you want a music motor/box, please click here. Package Included: 1 x Heart of Ocean DIY Dollhouse Kit 1 x Kitten Diary DIY Dollhouse Kit
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Dollhouses - More Than Just A Toy House

It is a common sight to see your little girl surrounded by their dolls and accessories of all sorts. When young girls play with dolls, they will imaginatively recreate stories and scenarios that include their dolls and all the accessories that they have. Without saying, dolls are one of the most favourite toys for a young girl and they can spend the entire day just playing with their dolls in fantasy land. Give your child’s dolls a place to call home with a beautiful dollhouse that you can purchase now via iPrice. On iPrice, you have access to a wide variety of dollhouses that you can give to your girl for her to play her dolls with.

Brief History on How Doll Houses Came to Be

The first dollhouses were developed in the late 1500s for wealthy Europeans of that era to display their miniature possessions. The toy houses (known as “baby houses” during that time) consisted of cabinets that were divided into various compartments that enabled them to arrange and showcase their collection of miniature furniture and household accessories. During that time, baby houses were playthings of adults, especially women and they also served as a symbol to signify a lady’s wealth and refined tastes of the finer things in life.

As time passed, miniatures attracted the fascination of children as well, thus by the 17th and 18th centuries German toy makers started to produce a variant of baby houses – now called a dollhouse – for the children to decorate with tiny chairs, tables, beds and other mini-sized furniture. Mass-production methods that existed in the 19th century enabled toy manufacturers to mass produce these doll houses. Since then, dollhouses continue to be a favourite plaything for little girls worldwide and remain popular today.

Why Every Young Girl Should Have A Dollhouse

A dollhouse is not just an additional accessory for your child’s doll collection, but they also promote positive skills and values in children. Dollhouses can help children to learn more about household management and interior design, on how to decorate and beautify the dollhouses. Moreover, dollhouses can develop dexterity and attention to detail, especially when they are assembling the dollhouses from scratch and when they are moving the furnishings in the tiny rooms of the dollhouses.

Besides that, dollhouses encourages your children to be more imaginative and creative with their make believe play, as they make up their own stories while moving the dolls and tiny figures from one room to another. If your child’s friends also own dollhouses, they can play with all of them together, creating a mini-community or neighbourhood!

Get Dollhouses Online at iPrice Hong Kong

Get your child a dollhouse to expand her creativity and storytelling abilities on iPrice Hong Kong. Get affordable dollhouses and toy furniture for better value only on iPrice Hong Kong. Click here if you want to look for more accessories for your child to play dress up with!

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