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Translating on-the-go has never been easier with electronic dictionaries in Hong Kong. Click here and learn about the features of the device.

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Features to look for in an electronic dictionary

As technology advances, print materials such as dictionaries are slowly becoming obsolete. Just like books, there are people who still enjoy the novelty of holding a dictionary. However, times have changed and electronic dictionaries are changing the way we translate. These devices that fit on the palm of our hands are available in a number of forms. Electronic dictionaries in Malaysia range in function from general single-language dictionaries to very specific, terminology-based dictionaries that are utilized for medical, legal, and other professional terms. Before you purchase the device, here are a few features to look for in an electronic dictionary.

Number of dictionaries

The two most popular print dictionaries that are commonly used are the Oxford English Dictionary and the Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. Some electronic dictionaries are pre-installed with only one dictionary in its software, while others may offer several different dictionaries. For the user to be able to benefit from the dictionaries, it is important to take into consideration the quality of the default dictionary.

Translation capabilities

Most people use electronic dictionaries for the purpose of learning English as a second language (ESL). The device is best used in situations where a foreigner has their native language available for translation. Moreover, it can greatly benefit people who travel often as these devices are compact and can be easily carried around. On a whole, you should do a little research on the product in terms of the complexity of the translating capabilities.


An electronic dictionary with a Thesaurus function allows users to input words and be given a list of alternative words with similar meanings. This feature is beneficial particularly with students who need to elevate their vocabulary when it comes to assignments.


Many a times, we face the difficulty or are uncertain of pronouncing English words correctly. There are certain electronic dictionaries which are equipped with a speaker that allows user to listen to the sound of the word and convey the proper pronunciation of the word.


There are certain electronic dictionaries that allow the users to write on the screen with the help of a stylus. Not only is it much more efficient compared to typing out words, it is also very beneficial for users to write out the unfamiliar symbols for example Chinese characters, Kanji (Japanese letters) and many more.

Data Transport

The USB storage capabilities on an electronic dictionary can be simply used with other devices as it can be served as a memory card. Thus, it can be used to share specific vocabulary or translation lists with other devices with the data transport feature.

Learning Programs

The simplest way to improve a language is to practice and practice. Some electronic dictionaries are pre-installed with learning programs that includes mini-lessons along with self-testing options that help the user to improve their knowledge on the language. Furthermore, students who are preparing for standardized tests such as SATs and ACTs can benefit greatly from this feature.

If you like what the electronic dictionary has to offer, do check out other translating devices such as tablets and translators.