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As a form of entertainment, competitive sports or exercise, roller skates are four wheels of fun and excitement for kids and kids at heart! There are many types of roller skates that you can enjoy, whether you want to skate on a rink, jump on obstacles, or perform tricks, skates are the perfect outdoor activity for you. Check out our great selection of skates in Hong Kong or read more about the many types of skates below.

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Take a Spin and Have Fun with the Best Roller Skates in Hong Kong!

Just when you thought you have done everything, prepare to get hyped with the hottest roller skates in Hong Kong! Roller skates are a great recreational activity that can be enjoyed by kids and adults. There are all sorts of roller skates that you can enjoy; there is inline skating, roller derby, or cruising. While it can be intimidating at first due to the fact that you need a great sense of balance and you may fall down, all you need to do is have fun and make every move count!

What are Roller Skates

Roller skates are specialized shoes or foot bindings that fit into shoes with wheels. It enables the wearer to glide and roll along smooth pavement; think of roller skates as ice skates on concrete. Roller skates were first patented in 1760 with designs almost similar to today's inline skates. Roller skates require a great deal of balance to steer, break, and generally move around, that is why protective gear is worn in case of accidents. It takes a while for an individual to get used to roller skates but to be able to use one is definitely fun and exciting.

Different Types of Roller Skates

Speed Skates

As what the name suggests, speed skates are roller skates designed to accelerate and gain speed at a rapid rate. The design features low-cut shoes or boots which fit like tennis shoes to help with turning and allows for a greater range of movement. This makes it a popular choice for dance skaters and speed skaters because you can move freely while accelerating speed.

Outdoor Skates

Outdoor skates are a type of roller skates that are solely meant for the outdoors which has a low- and high-cut versions. Since the pavement is not as smooth as the indoors, outdoor skates are equipped with soft wheels which allows for a smoother ride over rough pavement.

Indoor Skates

Otherwise known as recreational skates or artistic skates, indoor skates are a type of roller skates which are used on rinks with hard wheels for doing tricks and spins. Another unique feature of an indoor skate is high-top boots for maximum control and jumps, and narrow wheels for easy turning and maneuverability.

Roller Derby Skates

Designed for rigorous use and maximum speed, roller derby skates are durable, fast, and easy to maneuver. Since the popularity of roller derby leagues in the 30s, these type of skates have been a choice for many professionals which require everything from flexibility to speed.

Inline Skates

Perhaps the most popular type of roller skates, inline skates are divided into three: (1) recreational, (2) racing, and (3) roller hockey skates. Recreational skates are roller skates designed for use outdoors where the wearer can exercise as well as have fun on the streets. These skates feature a high-top boot with maximum foot and ankle support. Racing inline skates are skates designed to go fast that fits as close to your foot as possible for the least amount of wind resistance. And lastly, roller hockey skates are used for roller hockey. Instead of ice, roller hockey players can use inline skates to play the sport.

Roller skates are the perfect recreational sport or exercise that everybody needs. Perfect for kids and adults, roller skates will surely take fun to the next level. Grab the hottest roller skates and skateboards in Hong Kong now!

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