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Presenting your beloved party to your guests, the lovely party cards let guests to enjoy your upcoming events. Read more about party cards Hong Kong below to find out.

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UNO Card Game Playing Card Family Friend Travel Instruction
HK$ 55.00 HK$ 79.00
Mini In The Box
Category:Board Game; Net Dimensions(cm):; Shipping Weight(kg):0.178; Package Dimensions(cm):; Net Weight(kg):0.079; Listing Date:06/28/2012
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Mattel Toys TMNT Uno Card Game
HK$ 71.00
The mighty clash of Batman versus Superman version of UNO card game! Players race to get rid of all their cards and with the special Batman and Superman rule cards and two customizable cards deliver game-changing moments and help defeat your opponent
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Mattel Toys UNO Card Game
HK$ 71.00
Get into the Fast Fun for Everyone™ with Uno®! Easy to pick up... impossible to put down. Play by matching color, number, or play an action card against your opponent. When you’re down to one card, don’t forget to yell “uno!” Contains 108 cards and instructions. Intende
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Mattel Uno Card Game
HK$ 92.00
America's number one card game, UNO offers hours of fun. It's easy to learn, always unpredictable, and never dull. It can be played with 2 to 10 players, individually, or in teams. And it can even be educational, teaching younger kids number recognition. Classic card game Easy to play Fast fun for everyone Play time: less than 30 minutes For 2-10 Players
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*Prices updated on 21 Aug 2017

Party Cards Hong Kong – Welcoming You to A Splendid Moment

There can be many reasons for you to celebrate and have a party. Whenever you want to organize a party and invite your guests, you still need to give them your invitation party card even though an alternative can be found in the form of e-cards. Needless to say, the party cards are still pretty important to this day as various designs continue to appear from time to time. A great quality card with its intricate design is one way of getting your guest to be excited in going to your event. After all, it is all about welcoming your guests to a splendid event in a sincere kind of way.

Hold Them Tight

When it comes to preparing and designing your own invitation party cards, creativity is the key to all awesome things here. Even though you can buy party cards from shops or online stores, you should incorporate your own personal touches if you desire your party cards to be uniquely yours. In other words, you can be very creative in making your party cards to be more personal. As a matter of fact, you can always match the party theme with your party cards so that all of them just fit within the overall theme.

Generally, you should include clear and legible information in your party cards. Most importantly, you should include the RSVP so that the guests can contact you for a variety of reasons such as last minute changes, direction or others.

Inviting You to Greatest Event on Earth

Getting your guests to be excited about your event can be a tricky business itself. If you are really up for it, you can always include several hints, references or quotes that your guests will know instantly. This includes even the inside jokes if you are sure that they will understand the reference whenever they are reading it. You can always run a test run of the whole content before sending your party cards. After that, you can expect with great excitement as your party cards are going to tease your guests about upcoming fun.

Come On & Celebrate

Ultimately, the goal of giving out your invitation party cards is all about celebrating that something joyful has happened and you want people to share that same excitement. Not just that, it is also about creating fun and memorable that everyone can remember. As such, the invitation party card is just one of the lovely souvenirs that your guests can keep for remembrance.

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