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Charades Women's All Stars Babe Costume
HK$ 314.00 HK$ 353.00

"Babe Ruth" isn't just a boy's name anymore. You might think that sounds crazy, but when you emerge from the dugout and greet the crowd in the Women's all stars babe costume this Halloween, the classic name will take on a whole new meaning! No outfit will let you show your true stripes better than this awesome, sporty getup. So whether you're part of a World Series-caliber squad or simply a team of one, suit up in these sweet pinstripes and get ready to dazzle fan and player alike!It's got everything you need to prove that you're not playing that "old ball game" they always talk about in the songs. It's got a pink pullover jersey with black trim and a v-neck that's eye-catching, but no so revealing that the rest of the players and fans won't be able to keep their heads in the proverbial game. The cropped pants are black with pink trim for a perfect counterpoint to the shirt, and a pair of black stockings takes care of the rest. You'll look like you belong in the majors from head to toe. And on top of that, you get a pair of fingerless gloves... and what would a baseball uniform be without a hat? We wouldn't leave you hanging. That's included, too, and it has an elastic band to make sure that the cap is the perfect fit for you.No matter how many innings your Halloween stretches into, you'll be the MVP for the whole game in this women's all stars babe costume! Just don't forget to bring a bat, and have a look around at our sporty accessories!

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Smiffys Women's Sexy Convict Costume
HK$ 275.00

Orange may be the new black, but as far as popular culture is concerned, prison fashion is always going to be defined by the familiar black-and-white striped suit. That probably has as much to do with Hollywood as it does with anything else. We’ve all seen a dozen old movies with inmates planning a big prison break in their black-and-white stripes. Those outfits are as much a staple of those movies as sweeping spotlights, crooked guards, and the super tough jailbird with the heart of gold.So sure, old-fashioned striped suits aren’t nearly as common anymore, especially not with the little round caps, but that doesn’t mean they can’t still be iconic. Heck, we doubt that there was ever a time when bank robbers actually carried their loot in burlap sacks with dollar signs stenciled on the front, but that image has stood the test of time. You can’t fault your brain for sticking with the classics.Granted, we also doubt that this particular style was ever in standard use in any prison system, stripes or not. It seems rather impractical to the aims of most correctional facilities, but it’s right in keeping with a rocking costume party. This polyester/spandex blend pullover dress is the height of convict couture, with a close-fit style and a heart-shaped cutout at the chest. The jaunty cap tops everything off with extra aplomb for a flash of fashionability that you’re unlikely to encounter in any prison yard.

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Dreamgirl Women's Sexy Prisoner Costume
HK$ 196.00

Ahh, there is nothing better in this world than a good ole fashion jailbreak… especially if you’ve been locked up for a while. Freedom will never have tasted better. Enjoy your freedom to the fullest this Halloween when you dress up in this Women’s Sexy Prisoner Costume.When you’re strutting around the party scene in this fun costume, you’ll be highly suspect. Although as long as you play innocent, we don’t think you will have to worry about anyone calling the police. With this costume, it will be clear that you were locked up for that killer sense of fashion that you hold so dear. This cute striped V-neck tank dress comes with a matching pillbox hat and a stylish belt that has handcuffs and “County Prison” printed around it. So, yes, it is a very easy costume to slip in and out of and it is its simplicity that makes the outfit so perfect. You don’t need to waste your time with loads of makeup and accessories to complete your Halloween look. This costume makes your transformation as easy as 1, 2, 3!Get a bunch of your friends to dress up in these Women’s Prisoner Costumes and all of you could be the sassiest group of inmates in your cell block. You could also have one friend go as a cop and the two of you can have tons of fun with a game of cat and mouse! However you decided to celebrate your Halloween with this costume, we’re sure you’ll be ready for some serious time… some serious party time, that is!

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