Can you imagine life without Internet connectivity in this digital era where everything is now online? Unstable Internet connection is now an issue of the past, thanks to TP-Link Hong Kong's network devices. Find out more about the types of Wi-Fi routers and systems offered by TP-Link Hong Kong below.


Struggling with Internet Coverage? Stay Connected with TP Link’s Networking Solutions.

Having trouble staying connecting to the Internet at home or in your office? With TP Link’s networking solutions, staying online is easy and hassle-free!

Top TP-LINK WiFi Routers Price List 2019

Top 10 products Price Store
TP-LINK Archer C1200 HK$ 298.14 Nzgameshop
TP-LINK AC1750 HK$ 308.36 Amazon
TP-Link AC750 HK$ 352.20 Amazon
TP-LINK TL-WR841N HK$ 203.03 Nzgameshop
TP-LINK TL-MR6400 HK$ 827.69 Nzgameshop
TP-LINK TL-SF1005D HK$ 102.77 Nzgameshop
TP-LINK TL-SG105E HK$ 208.17 Nzgameshop
TP-LINK TD-W9970 HK$ 393.26 Nzgameshop
TP-LINK AC1200 Wireless Dual Band Router Archer C50 HK$ 398.40 Nzgameshop
TP-LINK AC1750 Wireless Dual Band DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem Router Archer CR700 HK$ 782.77 Amazon
Most Popular
TP-LINK Archer C1200

Cheapest at Nzgameshop HK$ 298.14 Go to Shop

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Type of Wi-Fi Routers Offered by TP-Link Hong Kong

In this modern day and age, being connected to the Internet seems part and parcel of everyday life. In fact, wherever we go, be it to a cafe or our friend's home, one of the first questions that we will typically ask is likely to be "What's the Wi-Fi password?"

Seeing how important the Internet is for us today, having a stable connection enables us to stay productive and entertained all day long. Thankfully, TP-Link Hong Kong offers reliable Wi-Fi routers that you can install at home or in the office. Here are the different types of Wi-Fi routers offered by TP-Link Hong Kong

Wi-Fi Routers

If you are looking for reliable Wi-Fi routers that provide a flawless and speedy Internet connection, then you have come to the right place. The brand's routers are designed to transmit lightning-fast Wi-Fi coverage to different parts of your home or office, regardless of where it is installed. With TP Link Hong Kong’s cutting-edge routers, streaming HD movies, playing online games, and other bandwidth-intensive tasks can be executed with ease. Hence, fulfil your work and entertainment needs by fixing TP-Link Hong Kong Wi-Fi routers at home or in the office and say goodbye to slow Internet connection.

Wi-Fi Modems

TP Link 香港 manufactures cutting-edge modems that offer reliable and cost-effective for both home and office usage. Testament of the brand's expertise, these modems effortlessly create a secure wireless network with high-speed connectivity which enables you to stay online for the entire day, be it for work or for play. This makes these modems a must-have at home, especially when you require high-speed internet connection on a daily basis.

Home Wi-Fi Systems

Want strong Wi-Fi signals no matter which room of your home you are in? Then TP Link’s Deco Home Wi-Fi is the device you are looking for. The unit provides a whole-home Wi-Fi solution that delivers fast and stable Wi-Fi connection to every room in your residence, giving you uninterrupted access to the Internet 24/7. The Deco Home Wi-Fi unit utilizes the power of three separate AC1300 units which provide up to 4,500 sq. ft. of seamless Internet coverage. This enables you to enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi access in all parts of your home. Moreover, it has additional features including parental controls, built-in antivirus, and 24/7 lifetime support, giving you more value for your money.

Network Expansion Products

If you have a big house, there is a likelihood that the wireless connection might not be able to reach all areas consistently. Network expansion devices such as range extenders and adapters provided by TP Link Hong Kong are the perfect solution to this problem. Despite their compact build, these devices are more than capable of boosting the range of your Wi-Fi coverage to all areas of your home, ensuring that you can have access to the Internet regardless of where you are at home.