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5 Swarovski Crystals You Need to Have that are NOT Jewelry

05 October 2017 | Febriana Ramadhanya

We may be most familiar with Swarovski crystal jewelries and accessories but did you know they carry more than just that? The Austrian crystal brand offers other various crystalized things like pens, timepieces, USB sticks, and even virtual reality headsets! It goes to show how you can go beyond jewelries to add a little bit of sparkle into your life.

Swarovski Watches

Why settle for a basic watch when you can wear a bedazzled one? Swarovski watches are all equipped with Swiss quartz movement and comes in a variety of designs. Swarovski’s most popular watch collection, however, is the Crystalline Collection. Featuring 27 different designs of timepieces, the collection’s most prominent feature is the crystallized watch face.

Swarovski Smartphone Cases

What better way to show off your new iPhone 8 than with a Swarovski crystal phone case? The latest series of Swarovski crystal phone case is the Heroism smartphone case, featuring geometric design as well as shimmering Crystal Fabric and transparent films. Worry not, if you still have the previous iPhone models, you can also use the Heroism case as well other cases like the Hillock case, Humorist emoji case, and High Crystal smartphone case.

Swarovski Eyewear

The brand also lets you wear crystal on your face as well through their line of chic eyewear. Swarovski glasses frame and sunglasses are all embellished with their finest and clearest crystals. Although the Swarovski crystals on the eyewear are subtle, they are a great alternative for when you’re feeling glam yet don’t want to be too flashy.

Swarovski Pens

The Swarovski pens are on par with the Mont Blancs and the Parkers but are still quite affordable for some to get. Some of the pens are available as a part of a bigger collection, like the Crystalline pens to match with your Crystalline Swarovski watches. The Swarovski pens can surely keep you motivated during your studies or journaling session.

Swarovski USB Sticks

Swarovski doesn’t forget all the gadget-enthusiasts with their crystalized USB sticks. The Swarovski Crystalline Stardust Memory Stick features 550 tiny crystals surrounded by silver or gold-toned metal. You can store up to 8 GB worth of data that means about 2,200 songs, 3,700 photos, and a one-hour HD video in this fancy USB.

Bonus: Swarovski VR Headset

On October 3rd, in a collaboration with MasterCard, Swarovski released their app-compatible VR headsets to browse their shopping catalog. The app allows users to immerse in a room decorated with items from Atelier Swarovski. The VR headset itself is embellished with hundreds of dazzling Swarovski crystals, ready to take your virtual shopping experience to the next level.

Although there's no news on where and when the Swarovski crystal VR headset will be released, you can always begin by shopping their jewelry and non-jewelry crystalized items either to gift yourself or gift your loved ones for the upcoming holiday season

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