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Chanel’s New THICC Lipstick will keep you Looking FAB from Dusk till Dawn

10 September 2017 | Jillian Cheong

Do you hate it when your lipstick fades within a few hours application? I am sure every makeup lover can resonate with this situation. Worry not as Chanel’s long-lasting Le Rouge Crayon De Couleur will ensure you step-up your lip game!

As fancy as the name of the product sounds, Chanel is helping every woman simplify beauty while creating a fun way for them to apply their everyday makeup. Lip junkies will definitely love this promising, on-the-go lip crayon from Chanel Hong Kong. So, get your cray-on with the Le Rouge Crayon De Couleur and read more about the features below!

Colour your lips with 11 amazing swatches

This collection includes 11 incredible shades, two of which are limited edition, ranging from soft nudes to bold reds. Not only do the lip crayons offer long-lasting, great coverage, they are also fool proof with the retractable tip twist that reveals a satiny, ultra-intense shade. The colours can be categorized in terms of its coverage which are medium, medium-full, and full. Here is the description for each shade:

  • Nude No. 1 is a nude beige with medium coverage
  • Rose Violine No. 2 is a perfect soft beige rose cream with full coverage
  • Rose Clair No. 3 is a light rose pink with medium-full coverage
  • Rouge Corail No. 4 is a coral red with full coverage
  • Rouge No. 5 is a classic red with full coverage
  • Framboise No. 6 is a pinky-red with full coverage
  • Fuschia No. 7 is a gorgeous hot pink with full coverage
  • Cassis No. 8 is a beautiful berry with full coverage
  • Beige Rose No. 9 is a light beige pink with medium coverage
  • Tangerine No. 11 is a hot orange with full coverage
  • Carmin No. 12 is a deeper red, full coverage


Made to be super slick and lightweight, the Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur still surprises with a pigmented colour with just single stroke. In spite of having such a thin and light texture, users have commented that the lip crayon feels incredibly rich and cushioning on the lips. Another feature of this product is that it smooths out fine lines and wrinkles while gliding across the lip contours.
Le Rouge Crayon de Couleur has its imperfections, but it is still impressive due to its slick formulation.


It is housed in a minimalist, sleek and shiny black packaging that exudes the luxe factor. The product features a twist-up and retractable crayon with a slight tip point. There is a possibility of the tip becoming dull after a few uses due to its rather soft formulation. Nonetheless, a lip brush is recommended in order to achieve a precise application.

If you love the lipsticks Chanel has to offer, do take a look at their makeup collection below!

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