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Disney fans will surely love Foreo's Magical Makeover

28 September 2017 | Jillian Cheong

Have you ever walked into Sephora and come across a couple of round, colourful instruments with funny-looking bristles? These devices are actually facial cleansing brushes from Swedish brand Foreo. And, they just released their most adorable line to date in collaboration with Disney.

The limited edition Foreo X Tsum Tsum cleaning instrument was launched in mainland China and within 24 hours of hitting the shelves, the product was sold out. It is Foreo’s first ever cross-border collaboration that has captured the hearts of Disney fans. This product range is absolutely darling as it combines the star power of popular Disney characters with the cleansing power of T-sonic technology. Classic characters such as Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Daisy are featured on the mini version of the device. Foreo and Disney launched two series which are the Luna play x Tsum Tsum and Luna mini 2 x Disney.

The Luna range features the T-Sonic technology which utilises pulsations that are diffused through soft silicone touch-points that gently unclog pores. It is gentle on the skin and can remove up to 99.5% of dirt and oil by channeling 8,000 T-Sonic pulsations per minute. The device also helps to remove dead skin cells and makeup residue – leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth, and absolutely glowing. Foreo specially engineers these silicone brushes which are non-abrasive and safe enough to be used daily. It is made of quick-drying, non-porous silicone that resists bacteria build-up. Compared to other standard bristled cleaning brushes, these rounded silicone brush is 35 times more hygienic!

The products are only available in the Asia Pacific region.

About Foreo

Established in 2013, Foreo is a Swedish multi-national beauty brand headquartered in Stockholm. The company has a total of 6,000 placements in more than 50 countries. Their most popular and recognizable product series is the LUNA skin cleansing system which promotes anti-aging. The products are available globally online and through premium retailers around the globe. Take a look at some of the other products that Foreo has to offer below:

Issa™ Mini Toothbrush Enchanted Violet
From HK$ 990.00 A fun, gentle silicone toothbrush specially designed for children that features breakthrough, pulsating dental technology. *Benefits* Using new dental care technology, the ISSA™ mini generates pulsations which are channeled through soft silicone bristles. These bristles are far gentler than the scratching action that standard bristled toothbrushes use. The silicone bristles generate the ideal amount of friction to effectively remove stains and plaque while remaining gentle on tooth enamel and helping to prevent gum recession. The 3D flexibility of the brush head also means that every crevice of the mouth can be reached and brushed. The ISSA™ mini is made from nonporous silicone that resists bacteria buildup and is at least 35 times more hygienic than regular toothbrushes, which are home to millions of bacteria. The brush features “Glee” and “Glum” faces to motivate kids to maintain a brushing routine that is rewarding and enjoyable. If the child has not completed their two-minute brushing routine for over 12 hours, “Glum” (frowny face) will light up, and “Glee” (happy face) will appear after 2 minutes of brushing has been achieved. The brush reminds the child to brush a new quadrant of the mouth every 30 seconds and signals when their brushing routine is completed, ensuring that children will brush each area of the mouth for the correct amount of time. The fun design is easy for kids to hold and use on their own and comes in vibrant colours including: Wild Strawberry, Enchanted Violet, Mango Tango, and Summer Sky.

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