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Here’s How to Achieve a Quick and Easy “No Makeup” Look with ColourPop Cosmetics

28 September 2017 | Febriana Ramadhanya

We’ve already told you how to recreate the iconic Instagram baddie look so now it’s time to go back to basic makeup with ColourPop Cosmetics. The “no makeup” makeup look is perfect for those rushing to get out the door or those who despise the feeling of heavy, cakey makeup.

If you follow the 5 steps below, you can successfully achieve the “no makeup” makeup look within 20 minutes with just 5 to 6 ColourPop makeup products. The radiant and natural result will guarantee to turn heads of everyone that you pass by.

The prep step is key

The goal of this makeup look is to put as less makeup as possible yet still look flawless. So, it’s important to prep your skin with the right setting spray or primer. Luckily, ColourPop has not 1, not 2, but 4 priming and setting sprays suitable for all skin types. The Amethyst Crystal Priming Spray helps balance out and lift the skin before makeup application. On the other hand, the Rose Quartz Crystal Priming Spray can soothe irritated skin and can act as a moisturizer with its dewy finish.

Choose between the Amethyst or Rose Quartz priming spray based on your skin condition. Shake gently before use and spray the product from an arm's length away. Wait for the product to be absorbed to continue with your “no makeup” makeup.

Full-coverage concealers do exist

For those who hate the feeling of heavy foundation, then this ColourPop concealer is perfect for you. The ColourPop No Filter Concealers is extremely lightweight but they can give you enough coverage like how a foundation would. It can conceal dark circles, blemishes, scars, discolorations, and hyperpigmentation. It comes in 15 colors so you can play around with the light and dark shades for a minimal contour and highlighting. Use the lighter shade on the bridge of your nose, under the eyes, chin, and forehead.

Be Cheeky

A “no makeup” makeup look is nothing without the blush and the glow. Adding some color to your cheeks can make you look more fresh and radiant, especially when paired with a glowy highlighter. Instead of contouring your cheeks, use a light bronzer instead and top it off with a rosy blush on. Use the ColourPop Pressed Powder Face Duo for easy application since it has a bronzer and a blush all in one. Finish it off with an illuminating and dewy highlighter like the ColourPop Super Shock Highlighter.

Don’t ever forget the brows

You may be trying to achieve a natural look but you should still touch up your brows. You try combing your brows so they fall into place without the use of a brow gel and fill it in with the ColourPop Brow Boss Pencil. It’s available in 4 shades (blonde, light, brown, dark brown, and soft black) so find the shade that’s the closest to your eyebrow color. Fill your brows in hair-like strokes, following the growth direction of your brows and filling in sparse areas.

Go nude

Wait! Before you literally go nude, we meant by going nude with your lip color. You can just opt to wear some petroleum jelly or lip balm on your lips but why do that when there are gorgeous nude lipsticks available out there? Besides, ColourPop Cosmetics is known for their lip products. Try to stay away from the ColourPop matte lipsticks, though, as it can be too much for a “no makeup” makeup look. Instead, stick to the ColourPop Lippie Stix and find the best neutral colors for your skin tone. Some of the neutral-colored Lippie Stix are Lumière, Aquarius, Contempo, Goal Digger, and Faded.

Finish off your “no makeup” makeup look with the Aquamarine or Aventurine Crystal Setting Sprays for a long-lasting wear, no matter what the weather looks like. After spraying the setting spray, you’re now all set to go face the world with your flawless and dewy ColourPop “no makeup” makeup look!

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