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Ladies, Read This If You Don’t Know Which Pandora Jewelry to Treat Yourself With

15 August 2017 | Febriana Ramadhanya

It’s payday soon and we know that a bunch of you will want to splurge on something to celebrate your achievements, both small and big. After all, after a grueling month of non-stop working, you need to do some self-loving and buy a little gift for yourself.

Among the many options of what you can treat yourself with, jewelry seems to be the most ideal. Makeup will run out and clothes will deteriorate as time goes by. Yet, the perfect piece of jewelry can last you for a long time and the right brand of jewelry can give you a nice balance of owning a “luxurious” item but still allowing you to spend reasonably. At the end of the day, you’d still want to save a fraction of that paycheck. Danish jewelry brand, Pandora, does exactly that. They offer great jewelry pieces with high-grade stones and gems at a very attractive price range.

"...the right brand of jewelry can give you a nice balance of owning a “luxurious” item but still allowing you to spend reasonably."

The hand-finished rings

A great, modern-day prophet once said, “if you like it then you should’ve put a ring on it”. Instead of waiting for some guy to get down on one knee with a ring, invest your paycheck in a good quality piece from Pandora. Their rings feature hand-finished designs, embellished with various stones and metals. Whether you prefer rose gold, sterling silver, or a classic 14 karat yellow gold, they have it all. Who knows, maybe you can pass down the ring to your daughters and granddaughters, and tell teach them an important lesson of self-loving along with it. You can get a beautiful Pandora ring starting from as low as RM189 up to an astonishing RM4,000.

Symbolize your inner-self with birthstones

There is nothing better to represent yourself than the classic birthstones. Each birthstone has their own meaning and most of the times, what they mean can be an accurate representation of your personality. For example, the gemstone for July babies’ is ruby and it is widely believed that ruby signifies passion and never-ending love. Donning a birthstone jewelry can remind you of all the positive traits that you should strive to embody. You have the choice of a birthstone necklace, rings, earrings, or charms for your bracelet. Depending on which jewelry you want to spend your paycheck on, the price starts as low as RM139.

The famous charm bracelet

If the carefully-crafted rings and beautiful birthstone jewels are still not enough to convince you to choose Pandora, then their iconic charm bracelets are guaranteed to sway your opinion. Besides, Pandora is most known for their wide selection of unique, individual charms. They have animal charms, love charms, birthday charms, inspirational charms, you name it. Pandora bracelet charms might be more accurate to represent who you are as a person compared to the birthstone. You can mix and match the different charms to celebrate a special occasion, to remember your beloved friends, family, or pets, or something that would remind you of your passion and goals. Start from a simple yet elegant Pandora charm at only RM69. For something grander, their gold charms go up to MYR3,799.

So, there you have it. These are just some Pandora gift ideas to give yourself after payday. There are of course other ways to splurge but if you’re looking for something timeless and can have sentimental values, Pandora jewelries are the best for all you ladies looking forward to treat yourselves.

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