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Reinvent your Winter Wardrobe on a Budget with these Simple Tips

11 December 2018 | Jillian Cheong

Ever wish to add a few trendy pieces to your winter wardrobe but your bank account is holding you back? I’m pretty sure many of us can resonate with that.

Most people wear winter clothing for its practicality, but if you’re aiming for a more aesthetic appeal, it can be costly. So, before you start revamping your wardrobe, do set aside a budget as well as style inspirations from your favourite style icon or Instagram influencer. Once you’ve done this, you then have a rough idea on which outfits to spend on. Shopping on a budget is simple by following these tips below!

Shop Before the Season

If you have a tendency of purchasing warm clothes at the last minute, it’s best you break this habit. This could potentially cost you more than the budget you’ve set aside. Instead, you should start looking for winter clothing once a season ends. In Hong Kong, the biggest sale months are from June to early July.

Incorporate Clothing from other Seasons

Before you put away your summer clothing to prep for the colder months, you can re-use the clothing’s and opt for layering. There are many outfit combinations that can be created using the layering method.

It’s also a way of adding a pop of colour into your wardrobe. Making a summer outfit winter appropriate is simple. A go-to style is to pair a maxi dress with a bomber jacket. Another similar idea is to wear a knit-turtleneck over a shift dress and pair it with leggings.

Follow Trends at a Minimum

Most often, trendy outfits that are affordable will not last for many seasons. So, the best way of looking fashionable is to only purchase one or two items that are trendy. This is so that you are still keeping up with the trends but at the same time incorporating classic items that you already own. Using this method will ultimately save you money in the long-run.

Look out for Deals during Shopping Festivals

The simplest way to get the best deals on trendy winter wear is to take advantage of shopping festivals. As 12.12 is fast approaching, make sure to set a reminder to shop at Zalora Hong Kong. The site offers style tips and inspirations that will help you find your best look. From blazers to boots, Zalora Hong Kong will be your lifesaver!

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