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Singles' Day Your Way: Shop Fall Essentials from Home

09 November 2018 | Natasha Charity

It is Singles’ Day again and this time, Zalora has got you covered. They are having their Singles’ Day sales with amazing discount prices this year so you can shop and enjoy your Singles’ Day in the comfort of your home. Shop shoes and bags at 70 % off as well as high street brands at fabulous discount prices. Look at our list below on essentials to add to your fall wardrobe and how to style them. This is how you can celebrate Singles’ Day your way.


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Now that it is chilly, it is time to pull on the knits and warmer clothing. Sweaters are an easy essential to add to your wardrobe because they are one of the most easily styled.

How to Style:

You can pair sweaters with jeans, skirts or even dresses. We recommend getting a size bigger for a more slouchier look. That way, it is easy to layer something like a shirt, or any type of long sleeve underneath in case it is too cold.

The best way to layer something is to have the fabric of the inner cloth peaking outside. A contrast in fabric such as wool over lace or mesh gives more depth to your outfit. You can even try a contrast in color can spark up your outfit. For example, wearing something bright that peeks through at the bottom, the top or at the sleeves under a sweater that is dull or darkly colored.


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Everyone needs a blazer in their wardrobe because blazers have never gone out of style. They can always be relied on to add an extra oomph to your outfit.

How to Style:

We also recommend sizing up when it comes to blazers. During fall, wearing a hoodie underneath your blazer will not only turn your outfit into casual to chic but will also give you extra warmth. Wearing your sweaters too underneath your blazer can also leave your body warm all through the day. If you want to give a twist to your blazer, you can belt it over your outfit.


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Nowadays, stockings have evolved from being plain boring to fun and interesting. Different designers and stores have come up with different patterns, shapes, and designs to add a twist to your outfit.

Slip on a pair of patterned stockings underneath your skirt or dress. That way during the fall, you are not only keeping your legs slightly warm but your outfit will be chic.

If you are someone who is more modest, there are nude stockings in stock that will keep you warm and give the illusion of a strong woman baring her legs in the cold.

How to Style:

Wearing unconventional colors can also keep people turning heads. Like wearing red stockings under a black skirt or purple stockings under a red dress.


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Boots have been defined as a perfect fall weather requirement. There are ankle boots, knee high boots, and thigh high boots. Depending on your comfort level, the heel type and height is completely dependent on you.

How to Style:

Ankle boots are the most popular boots to own. Whether you are buying a high heeled or a flat boot, depends on your personal style as well as the color. You can wear ankle boots with literally almost anything; skirts, dresses, and pants.

Giving a twist to your ankle boots by wearing brightly colored socks that peep through the top will attract attention to your feet.

You can also pull off the same thing with knee-high boots. Instead of socks though, you can wear patterned or unconventional colored stockings to boost your outfit if you are wearing a dress or skirt.

Thigh high boots can also elevate your outfit as well as keep you warm. Aim for comfort as well as style by always making sure when ordering a pair of thigh-high boots that it has some sort of adjustments like a zip or a lace up detail. This way, you can adjust the boot to fit around your thigh. You can pair your thigh high boots with a belted T-shirt dress; accessorizing is the key to turn such an ordinary outfit into a bomb one.

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