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Traditional Craftsmanship Meets Futuristic Tech in the New G-Shock Limited Edition Mr-G Series

04 September 2017 | Febriana Ramadhanya

G-Shock? More like G-Shook. The watchmaking company announced back in August that they’re releasing a hi-tech limited edition Mr. G watch in September. Well, it’s September and the wait is soon to be over. To commemorate the release of the G-Shock Mr-G 20 years ago, this special edition watch is unique and groundbreaking.

Think of the G-Shock Mr-G G2000HT watch as the hybrid car of timepieces. It combines that classic Japanese watch silhouette with mind-blowing technology innovations that makes this Mr-G watch perfect for the people of the 21st century.

"It looks and functions like a normal automatic or mechanical watch but there is an extra futuristic touch that makes the G-Shock Mr-G G2000HT different than the rest."

First-Ever Bluetooth G-Shock Mr-G Watch

When you think of a Bluetooth-enabled watch, your mind will surely go directly to smart watches. This watch, however, will make you think twice. It looks and functions like a normal automatic or mechanical watch but there is an extra futuristic touch that makes the G-Shock Mr-G G2000HT different than the rest.

The watch implements three distinctive time-correction systems including Bluetooth transmission, GPS satellite signal reception, and terrestrial radio wave reception. This will ensure that your G-Shock Mr-G watch will show you the correct time for you no matter where you’re located.

Bluetooth-equipped GPS Hybrid Wave Ceptor

Imagine a scenario where you’re stranded in the middle of nowhere in a foreign country and all you wanted to do was to know the local time. Although we have our smartphones to tell us various world times, taking out your phone and checking the time on it can be quite the hassle. Why do that when we can have the world time for over 300 cities on our wrists?

With the three technologies listed above, the new G-Shock Mr-G watch can track your location with the GPS and through the Bluetooth, change the displayed time depending on the place you are currently at. You can change and modify the settings of these features using the Mr-G Connected Smartphone App, where you can be updated on your watch status, time adjustment settings, time zones, and more.

The Love Child of Japanese Innovation and Craftsmanship

We all know that the Japanese are very well-known for their immaculate craftsmanship. Whether it be cars or timepieces, Japanese craftsmanship will always guarantee a beautiful end product. The G-Shock Mr-G G2000HT is crafted using the traditional Japanese hammering technique called the Kasumi-Tsuchime Hammer Tone.

The Kasumi-Tsuchime technique is apparent through the bold yet delicate pattern on the external surface of the watch. The technique forges and shapes metal by pounding it with a hammer, a technique that has been implemented for over 1,200 years.

Master Bihou Asano’s Masterpiece

The appointed metal craftsman to perform the Kasumi-Tsuchime technique on this G-Shock limited edition watch is Bihou Asano. Asano was born into a family of metal masters and he is committed to preserving the technique through the G-Shock Mr-G G2000HT watch.

Asano had his hands full with this project. He needs to hammer the metal bands at different, precise angles to create different strokes and patterns. Asano then hammers the band repetitively to create each stroke.

Special “Japan Blue” Indigo

After being shaped by Asano, the metal bands are then coated with a DLC (diamond-like carbon) to0 strengthen the surface’s resistance towards abrasion. The DLC contains a deep blue coloring called the “Japan Blue” Indigo. This color is specially made for the G-Shock Mr-G G2000HT watch.

This color is extremely difficult to produce compared to other diamond-like carbon colors. The process is time-consuming, tremendously challenging, and can only be replicated for a limited quantity. And this is one of the reasons why G-Shock is only releasing 500 pieces of the new Mr-G watches to the public.

"2017 LIMITED"

Because only 500 pieces will be marketed, each watch will be engraved with “2017 LIMITED” on a special metal plate along with the serial numbers. If you feel like this new G-Shock Mr-G watch must be added to your watch collection, then we hope you’ll be one of the lucky ones out of 500. But if you’re still not drooling over all the innovative and beautiful technological features of this watch, check out other G-Shock watches that are still on par with the Mr-G G2000HT.

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