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WHAT THE E.L.F? 100 Eyeshadow Shades for HKD 117 from e.l.f Cosmetics!

22 October 2017 | Jillian Cheong

To many people, makeup is a form of self-expression and art, and eyeshadow is the simplest way to experiment with various looks. With the recently launched Endless Eyes 100 Colour Palette from e.l.f Cosmetics you too can be your own makeup artist!

Purveyors of affordable beauty, e.l.f cosmetics which is short for Eyes Lips Face stands out with their new eyeshadow palette. The range of colours are pretty insane as it comes in dozens of neutrals that are in shimmer, matte, and smoky. Whether if you’re going for dark or bright colourful eyes, this palette allows you to create any look that reflects your personal style. Unlike other eyeshadow palettes which tend to include random colours, the shades on the Endless Eyes 100 Colour Palette are actually wearable!

A unique feature of this palette is how it is innovatively arranged. The top tiers are meant to be used as the base colour, middle-tiered pans are for building and blending, while the bottom tiers are for the finishing touch. Utilise the eyeshadows with the e.l.f primer and last all day without having to re-touch your makeup.

It makes a great investment particularly for makeup beginners as it is affordable and user-friendly. If you do the math, each eyeshadow pan only cost HKD 1.17! What more can you ask for?

Always on the look out for high-quality makeup products that are affordable? Look no further as e.l.f cosmetics has just the products that will satisfy your makeup needs.

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