Fun Ways to Teach your Kids Music Theory

11 August 2017 | MJ Mendoza

According to science, one of the best ways to stimulate your child's brain development is through music. By picking up an instrument, your child can exhibit a greater increase in full-scale IQ. However, most parents are quick to jump conclusions that by enrolling their kid in music lessons would instantly make them "child prodigies". While it is a great first step, your children need to proactively participate in the lesson and pick up an instrument instead of just scribbling down notes from the class.

Based on the research done by the Northwestern University in Illinois, in order to fully reap the cognitive benefits of music lessons, your child needs to actively engage in the class. In addition, the study also found out that students who played instruments have improved neural processing than those who attended musical appreciation.

So, the best way to teach music is to get your kids hooked on to music theory at an early age. By creating fun learning activities for your kids, you can easily teach them basic music theories that would stimulate their cognitive abilities and engage them in music.

Put away those boring, paper, pencils, and sheet music, here are some creative ideas on how you can teach musical concepts and theory to your child.

Toy Piano with Labeled Keys

Perhaps one of the most common musical toys that you can get for your kids, a toy piano with labeled keys would be able to teach them basic music notes and chords; just make sure that each key is accurately tuned. Most toy pianos and keyboards for kids have a quick guide and music book that would get them started or better yet, you can teach them simple songs yourself!

Music Theory Flowers

Another great way to teach your kid music is through music theory flowers. The best thing about this game is that you can DIY everything you need! The goal of the game is to match the leaves, flowers, and stems together. The flower can have the musical symbol, written on the stem is what it symbolizes, and the definition of the term on the leaves.

Musical Dominoes

While mostly applicable to older kids with experience in music, it is a great way for your children to learn about music theory. Like with any dominoes game, you have to match your move only to its equivalent value. If no match is found, can say "Rest" which means no note is played. It's fun, simple, and you can even play with your kids!

The Piano Peg

Another DIY game that you can play with your kid, the piano peg game teaches your child about piano keys and their corresponding notes. With a full piano peg set up just like the one above, you can tell your kids to hang a towel on C#. Aside from being educational, it's also a way to keep your living space organized.

Toy Percussions

Like the toy piano, percussions are also a way to teach your children groove, following the beat, and rhythm. You can have them follow a music, create their own beat or have a mini jam session with your kids manning the percussions!

Music is a great way for kids to learn, not only about its theories but also virtues like discipline and patience. Expose your child to music with these amazing toy instruments online!

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