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5 Seemingly Non-Essential Items Every Traveller Should Pack

04 September 2017 | Jonathan So

“I so need a holiday right now!” a lament that is commonly heard nowadays whenever someone feels they need an escape from all the crap happening in their life. Travelling not only enables us to relax and de-stress from our hectic everyday lives, it also enables us to experience new cultures, savour unique and mouth-watering cuisines, enjoy beautiful scenery, et cetera.

However, with all the joys of travelling comes one pre-travel activity that most of us abhor – packing our luggage. Have you ever stared at your empty backpack, with the contents of your bedroom strewn around as if a hurricane just passed through it, not knowing what to pack? Yup, I feel you, give me a high-five! Packing for our travels can be a hassle as it might involve a lot of scouring and last-minute shopping for whatever we need. In the process, we might overlook some items that might seem unimportant at first, until you encounter a situation where you need them during your travels.

In the process, we might overlook some items that might seem unimportant at first, until you encounter a situation where you need them during your travels.

Hence, here are some items that you should bring along with you for your next getaway:


One item that many of us will not think of bringing is a flashlight. Many of us tend to think, “we are staying in hotels with proper electric supply, why will I need a flashlight?” Although that seems to be the case, it is always better to be safe than sorry as unexpected accidents and mishaps might occur such as a sudden blackout (quite possible) or a zombie attack (highly unlikely). Moreover, a portable hand flashlight comes in handy when you are exploring caves, trekking through the jungle at night, or simply to sneak out midnight rendezvous without waking up your roommate! You do not need a big bulky flashlight; just one that can light up bright enough for you to see will be sufficient. Oh yeah, bring an extra set of batteries too just in case.

240lm Portable Rechargeable LED Flashlight Torch
From HK$ 106.00 This Xiaomi LED Flashlight features textured aluminium alloy shell, minimalist and lightweight design, with 11 adjustable brightness levels, 3350mAh lithium battery, and with SOS function, suitable for daily and outdoor use. Dimmable Design With 11 adjustable brightness levels, you can adjust the brightness by rotating the lamp cap, provide most suitable light for you. Aluminium Alloy Shell With minimalist design, full of texture, lightweight and durable for use. High Capacity Battery Built-in 3350mAh lithium battery, the working time is up to 216 hours. With smart temperature control function, can automatically reduce the brightness for safe use while lighting for a long time. SOS Mode Quickly press the function button for 3 time and the flashlight will change into SOS mode, it will send an SOS signal via light flicker, helps you to get out of danger in time. UBS Interface You can use the flashlight to charge your devices in emergency. And you can use it with other accessories via USB port, bring much fun for your life. Lightweight Weighs only 103g, with the size of 120 x 25.5 x 25.5mm, you can take it anywhere, portable to carry. Specifications Brand Xiaomi Flashlight size Mini Power LED Color Temperature White Light Function Camping, hiking, outdoor, walking, work Power Source Battery Battery Quantity 1 Battery Included or Not Yes Rechargeable Yes Working Voltage 5V/1A Charger Input Voltage 5V/1A Body Material Aluminium Alloy Available Light Color White Product Weight 103g Product Size 120.2 x 25.5 x 25.5 mm Package Contents 1 x Xiaomi Flashlight, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x Lanyard, 1 x User Manual
NITECORE 20 Searchlight Torch CREE XM-L2 T6 LED 960 Lumen 18650 Battery IPX-8 Waterproof Portable Flashlight
From HK$ 195.00 Video The new innovative single button operation of the Nitecore Ec20 enables you to access a total of seven different brightness levels and modes with a single button. The blue indicator light in the torch will alert you to the remaining battery power. The Nitecore Ec20 will reach a far distance of 222m without affecting the efficiency of the brightness of the torch. A built-in temperature feature will protect the torch against potential overheating. 960 lumens, 12450cd, 222m, Runtime 520h / 21.67 days Innovative single button offers access to seven brightness levels and modes. The blue light indicates the remaining power. Maximum 960 lumens. Beam intensity of up to 12450cd. Beam Distance of up to 222m. High efficiency constant current circuit board provides max runtime of 520 hours. Built-in temperature protection function, heat resistant. Reverse polarity protection: Prevents damage arise from incorrectly inserted batteries. Toughened ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-scratch coating. Impact resistant to 1.5 meters. Waterproof in accordance with Ipx-8(2 meters submersible) Tail stand capability. Specifications Brand Nitecore Material Aluminum Alloy Batteries 1 x 18650 / 2 x Cr123 (all batteries are not included) Lumen 960 lumens Impact Resistant 1.5m Maximum Runtime 520h Waterproof Yes Package Weight 100g Package 1 x Nitecore Ec20 flashlight, 1 x Nitecore Quality Holster, 1 x Nitecore Lanyard
NITECORE MH12GT 1000lm Cree XP-L Rechargeable Tactical LED Flashlight
From HK$ 401.00 Video The improved Cree Xp-L HI V3 LED offers up to 350 yards throw and a peak beam intensity of 25700cd-a 190% increase from its predecessor! The included 18650 rechargeable battery has also been upgraded to a high capacity 3400mAh cell which can provide up to 520 hours runtime on a single charge. This light features an aluminum housing with a Type III hard-anodized finish that resists scratching and corrosion. It is O-ring sealed with an Ipx8 rating for submersion to 6.6', and is impact resistant to 5 feet. Suited for tactical use, the Mh12Gt is easily operated via a dual tailcap and side switch user interface. A single tail cap button allows for one-handed operation of on/off functionality while a conveniently located side switch lets users select from four brightness levels and three special modes. It’s perfect for hunting, law enforcement, military, and security. Cree-Xp-L HI V3 LED Integrated with Cree breakthrough technology Sc5, greatly increase the beam intensity by over 190% with a max beam distance up to 320 meters. Adjustable up to 1000lm Brightness Its output comes from a white Cree Xp-L HI V3 LED with four outputs from 1 to 1000 lumens. High Capacity Battery Up to 520 hours runtime with the upgraded 3400mAh rechargeable 18650 battery means more time for you to work and play. USB Rechargeable Quickly and easily power the Mh12Gt with the built-in charging port and included charging cable. Ipx-8 Waterproof It is submersible to 6.6' and is impact-resistant to 5 feet. Thermoelectric Separation Technology Maximize the heat dissipation, guarantee the output stability in long-time working and lengthen the LED life span. Crystal Coating Technology Realizes excellent reflector performance, and match with toughened ultra-clear mineral glass, providing the best lighting effects. Memory Function The Mh12Gt memories its previously used brightness level as well as Strobe and returns to it the next time the light is turned on. Aircraft-grade Aluminum Alloy Processed military-grade hard-anodized finish, attractive and durable. Power Indicator Light Power indicator light displays remaining battery power. Specifications Brand Nitecore Model Mh12Gt LED Cree Xp-L HI V3 LED Mode / Outputs High: 1000 Lumens / 1 Hr 15 Min Mid: 280 Lumens / 6 Hrs Low: 55 Lumens / 28 Hrs Ultralow: 1 Lumen / 520 Hrs Peak Beam Distance 320 meters Peak Beam Intensity 25700 cd IPX Rating Ipx-8 (Waterproof and submersible up to 2 meters) Impact Resistance 1.5 meters Dimensions Length 13.9cm, Head diameter 2.5cm Product Weight 87g Package Contents 1 x Nitecore Mh12Gt LED Flashlight 1 x Flashlight Holster 1 x USB Charging Cable 1 x Battery

Zip Lock Bags

One of the most unpredictable things that you will encounter during your travels is the weather. It can be bright and shiny one moment and rain heavily the next, especially if you are travelling in tropical climates. You should make sure that your items can withstand weather conditions such as rain and snow which leads to the next item on the list, zip lock bags. These often-undermined items are waterproof, proving very useful to prevent your electronic devices and important documentation from becoming wet. Moreover, zip lock bags weigh next to nothing and can fit in your bags easily, hence there should not be any reason not to bring them along for your trip.

Universal Travel Adapter Plugs

Universal Travel Adapter Plugs is one item that many of us tend to neglect while we are packing. These plugs are exceptionally important, especially when we are travelling overseas, say from Hong Kong to Europe, and vice-versa. Countries in different regions have power outlets with dissimilar configurations compared to the ones we have in our home country, which means that we are not able to use our chargers and certain electrical devices due to the different build (which again, is another case of HELL ON EARTH!). These plugs can easily be found in most hardware stores and even online, so make sure you take the effort to include them as part of your travelling essentials.

Insect Repellent

No one likes to be bitten by bugs and end up with red splotches on your body. There are also insects such as mosquitoes that carry diseases with them which might cause you to fall sick during your travels (ultimate buzzkill!) Bring an insect repellent along to ward these creepy-crawlies away.

Smart USB Mosquito Killer Lamp Trap Repeller Bug Insect Repellent
From HK$ 78.00 This Smart USB Mosquito Killer Lamp is perfectly suitable for use in bed-room, study, chicken farm and garden, etc, killing mosquitoes in a way completely safe to humans and pets. Utilizing a high frequency blue light to lure flying insects to form a practical, efficient, hygienic and automatic electronic insect extermination system, low power consumption and high anti-mosquito performance. Multifunction Smart Mosquito Killer Lamp Utilizing a high frequency blue light to lure flying insects to form a practical, efficient, hygienic and automatic electronic insect extermination system, low power consumption and high anti-mosquito performance. Eco-friendly & Physical Method Purely physical mosquito eradication technique kill mosquitoes in a manner completely safe to humans and pets, no electric noise, non-chemical, non-toxin, and non-radiative. Easy Use Simply plug the Mosquito Killer Lamp into an electrical outlet so that flying or crawling insects nearby will be attracted to the light and approach the electronically charged metal grid which will result in their electrocution. 360 Degree Suction Fan Mosquitoes flying at close proximity from any direction will be sucked into the insect trapper, very effectively. USB Power Support Design Powered by USB with DC 5V safe voltage, and it can be powered by an adapter, power bank or any device with a USB port. Wide Application Great for use in bed-room, study, hall, hotel, office, camping tent, chicken farm and garden, etc. Specifications Material ABS Item Type Mosquito Killer Lamp Plug USB Rated Power 3W Voltage 110V-220V Output 5V/ 1A Applicable Area 20-50 Square Meters (Indoor) Color Black/ White Product Size Height 19cm x Diameter 13cm Product Weight 450g Package Contents 1 x Mosquito Killer Lamp 1 x USB Cable

Extra Pouch of Money

I am sure you have heard of the phrase, “Do not put all your eggs in one basket.” Similarly, while you are travelling, you should not keep all your money in one wallet. Make sure you have an additional wallet or pouch of money with you so that you have excess money during emergencies, such as if case your wallet is stolen during your travels. The extra pouch should have enough money for you to afford a cab ride so that you can travel to the nearest police station to file a report.

These are some common items that most tend to neglect or have never thought of bringing with us while we are travelling. These items are inexpensive but they can play a vital role in making our adventures safer and less troublesome. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when we are travelling to a foreign land where we do not speak the language or know anyone there. Of course, you should also invest in a reliable backpack to keep the items mentioned above and other travelling essentials.

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