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5 Ways to Use a Screwdriver that You Didn’t Know About

16 October 2017 | Jonathan So

Screwdrivers are one of the most commonly seen and used tools. If you have a toolbox at home, check it out and you’d most probably find at least one screwdriver in it. Apart from tightening and loosening screws, there are many alternative ways to use screwdrivers that you might not know about.

Transfer Liquids from One Bottle to Another

Most of us might find it hard to pour liquids such as motor oil and lubricants from one bottle to another without spilling, which is why a funnel is usually used to transfer them effectively. However, if you do not have a funnel handy, you can use a screwdriver instead as an alternative. First, insert about 1/3 of the screwdriver into the opening of the bottle you want the liquid to be transferred to. When you pour the liquid, just pour it along the length of the screwdriver’s shank. You will notice that the liquid will slide down the shank smoothly without splashing or spilling. Hence, this method is a good way to pour motor oil into your vehicle engine.

Opening Wine Bottles

If you are a wine-drinker, you will know that removing the cork from the bottle can be unnecessarily troublesome, especially when you do not have a corkscrew handy. Don’t worry, all you need is a screw, a screwdriver, and a hammer to remove the cork.

After removing the protective seal, place the screw into the cork and use the screwdriver to screw it firmly into the cork. Leave about an inch out and then pull it out with a hammer. The cork should be able to pop up with ease.

As a Makeshift Letter Opener

A screwdriver serves as a perfect alternative to a letter opener, compared to scissors or anything with a blade. You can insert the screwdriver easily and it is hard for you to accidentally cut the contents as well as the envelope with one. A screwdriver also will not cut you, neither does it leave any edges of the sort that can give you a nasty paper cut.

Pushing the Earth Lever in a Three-Pin Socket

Inserting a two-pin plug into a three-pin socket requires you to push down the earth lever. You can do so easily with a flat-blade screwdriver as the tip is long and thin enough to fit into the socket opening easily. Moreover, the handle of the screwdriver is made of insulating material, so you do not have to worry about being electrocuted. As an extra safety precaution, you should make sure that the socket is switched off.

Act as a Temporary Spear

A screwdriver is usually not one of the items you will think about to bring along for a camping trip. However, if you so happen to have one handy while you go camping, you can tie it to a pole and use it to spear small fish or other small marine life in shallow rivers. By exerting strength, the tip should be sharp enough to pierce through the body of the fish.

Apart from screwdrivers, below are other tools that you should have at home.

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