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Create Your IKEA-inspired Dream Desk to Keep Inspiration Flowing

30 July 2017 | Reymart Jan Sarigumba

Whether you work from home or run your own home-based business, one way to keep those AHA-moments from flowing is by having a professional, IKEA-inspired dream desk.

Having a neat, stylish, and functional work desk that is free from distractions is something that many people forget to consider. If you’re rushing through work but unable to seize that eureka moment, maybe it’s time to get your home office its long-awaited revamp. Here are tips to create your dream desk setup that will keep you and your devices bustling at maximum efficiency.

Mild Colors for Increased Productivity

Colors can affect your mood, influencing your productivity, in turn, help you achieve many goals. If your home office looks sickly due to the gnarly, old paint, then it’s time to spruce it up! Apply a new coat of paint, preferably a mild blue or clean white, to freshen up the room. Mild blues and clean whites are proven to brighten surroundings, and they never get boring to look at. Meanwhile, yellows and greens are the colors to avoid since they provide a sense of sickliness when the paint gets older. The mild colors can also be applied to your furniture, so look for a desk with a light-colored surface such as birch. A desk with a white plastic coating is a great option too; just make sure it’s sturdy and lights up your workspace, and hopefully your mind too.

Go for a Large Desk

What’s great about big desks is that they offer a sense of relief and freedom that you don’t get with narrow and small desk setups. To determine if the desk is large enough, it should at least have double the space that your desktop or laptop would occupy. This will give you enough space to go through your paperwork.

When it comes to ensuring your papers, notes, and homework do not pile up, it’s just a matter of discipline. Always keep your work space clutter-free and clean to avoid eating up your desk space. IKEA Hong Kong has some affordable home office products including big work tables that can enhance your productivity. Check them all out below!

Get the Cables Under Control

Cables are one of the culprits when it comes to messy desks and dust buildup. Since you not only have a computer but also many gadgets on your desk, you can find these cords cluttered everywhere. You can see charging cables, lamp wires, monitor cords, and much more consuming your work space.

To remedy this problem, attach the power outlet under your table with tape or screws. That way, all the plugs will be localized to the bottom of the desk, where they are concealed. Next problem is the dangling cords; just stack them up with rubber bands or environmentally friendly cardboard tubes. Then, bundle the excess cables around the legs of the table so they will be tucked neatly.

Decorate with Plants

Complete your dream set up with plants to add color and tranquillity to what could be a hectic workday. This will not only enhance the aesthetic value of your home office but also help raise your alertness and productivity. This is because plants increase the flow of oxygen in a room, reducing fatigue and headaches. If you are looking for impressive greens for your work space, you can go for lemon palms and Areca palms.

To Wrap it Up

To work happily and productively, it’s important that you feel comfortable in your home office. The happier you’ll be, the better quality of work you’ll produce.

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