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Hot Wheels Cars are the World’s Favourite Diecast Toys. Here’s Why.

28 September 2017 | Joel Vijay

Toy diecast cars fill children’s world with imagination and wonder. The thought of having a miniature real car in the form of a diecast collectible brings incredible enjoyment and pleasure to a little one. One brand of diecast has been (and always will be) the world’s favourite – Hot Wheels (sometimes misspelt as Hotwheels). Hot Wheels has been making diecast model cars since 1968 and is a favourite not only to children but adults love ‘em too! Here are some reasons why Hot Wheels are so irresistible.

Thousands to choose from!

Did you know that Hot Wheels makes one casting (model) for every day of the year? Look on any Hot Wheels packaging and you will see a number on the top righthand corner with a number eg: 31/365. The number in front signifies the day in which the car casting came out. This way, you can tell exactly when your model car was released.

Collectors know the chase of collecting from a huge selection of models. Hot Wheels creates real car castings categorised both by year, type of car (muscle car, JDM, track racer, fantasy etc.), and collector’s pack (5-pack, 10-pack, or 50-pack). The craze of choosing your dream car is but one purchase away!

$uper Trea$ure Hunt$

In the world of diecast collecting, you must be familiar with chase pieces. Chase castings are models considered rare or limited edition. These gems are only found in 1 out of every 10,000 cars made. Aptly named Treasure Hunt Cars, or T-Hunt, they came into the market in 1995. However, in 2007, Mattel, Hot Wheels’ parent company, started a line of models that are equally as rare, but with added features.

While Treasure Hunts feature a different paintjob from the mainline cars, Super Treasure Hunts have vivid and flawless paint along with a sweet set of rubber tires and beautiful rims to match.

Hot Wheels Mainline Ford Mustang

Hot Wheels Super Treasure Hunt Ford Mustangs

Super Treasure Hunt models also come with a TH logo somewhere on the car. On the packaging of the car, you will find the iconic Circle Flame logo. This logo signifies that the car is indeed a Treasure Hunt and not simply an error, mismatch or a model customised by a collector. Super Treasure Hunts alone are enough to get turn the ordinary collector into an obsessed, avid hoarder who goes after each model.

Psst, look out for the Super Treasure Hunt 2018 Datsun 620.

Unleash your creativity by customising

If you thought variations were dependent on what Mattel produces, you are wrong. There is no limit to how a Hot Wheels model can look and feel except by your imagination. The key is to customise your car to become as realistic or as flamboyant as possible. Some customising options that are frequently done are:

  • Wheel-swapping – Changing out the wheels from the model (Using another car’s wheels or fitting custom rubber wheels on it)
  • Repaint – Removing the paint with a paint thinner and applying your own desired colour using spray paint.
  • Detailing – Adding certain details such as headlights, taillights, indicators, or even your name on it using a detailing marker, paintbrush, or a pen.

The writer's very own custom Volkswagen Beetle

A simple search on Google gives you thousands of pictures and creative ideas on how to customise your Hot Wheels model based on what other customisers have made. The more advanced customising even includes cutting out certain parts of the diecast metal and welding other parts together to create a totally different car.

A global network of Hot Wheels collectors!

No man is an island. The same can be said about Hot Wheels collecting. You immediately find yourself in a world of enthusiasts both online and in real life who love Hot Wheels as much as you do. Collectors both in Hong Kong and around the world love going hunting for Hot Wheels on the shelves of their local supermarkets and convenience stores.

While competition to find the limited-edition car models is high, you will find many who are generous and even give away their cars for free. This term of rewarding other collectors with a free car is called a Random Act of Kindness or ‘RAOK’.

Tapping into online forums and the plethora of YouTube videos created by Hot Wheels collectors and customisers will give you a glimpse into the creative world of this addictive diecast model. So what are you waiting for? Start your epic diecast collection with these Hot Wheels games, cars, and more here:

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