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LED Flashlights to Prepare for the Apocalypse

03 August 2017 | reymart jan sarigumba

Never be afraid of the dark again with these powerful LED flashlights. Practical for emergencies, great for outdoors, and ideal for finding critters lurking under your bed.

Have you ever thought about how prepared you really are for a natural disaster or perhaps a zombie apocalypse? One of the essential things you should have if you’re caught in a survival situation is a LED flashlight. Looking for one may seem easy since you can find a wide range of options in your local department store or hardware shop. But regular LED flashlights may fall short when it comes to survival features. These 3 LED flashlights in the Hong Kong, however, have everything that you will need to get through a calamity.

Rayovac Virtually Indestructible LED Flashlight

Everything about this LED flashlight is a gem. As its name suggests, it has an incredibly tough construction that can withstand drops of up to 30 feet; thanks for its aluminum and titanium chassis with rubber shock absorbers. Not to mention, it comes with an ergonomic thumb area for easy and comfortable grip. It also has an impressive IPX4 water resistance rating to protect your flashlight from rain and splashes of water. Aside from that, it’s one of the LED flashlights with the farthest beam distance, shining up to 525 feet ahead of you. This makes the flashlight an ideal choice for survivalists and outdoor adventurers. Aside from this, here are other Rayovac LED torches to get you through the worse situations.

Maglite XL200

If there’s a flashlight that best fits the lyrics of this Jessie J hit: I'm stuck in the dark but you're my flashlight - that would be the Maglite XL200. Wielding a whopping 172 lumens, the XL 200 shines so bright, it could be the perfect weapon to blind intruders or even zombies. It truly is a powerful LED flashlight that has a long-lasting battery life. Other flashlights in the market can only last for up to a few hours but it’s a completely different story for the XL 200 as it has a battery life of 218 hours under a low setting. It also features five settings including the SOS which can alert rescue authorities during the onslaught of a disaster.

Check out other long-lasting Maglite LED flashlights below!

Coast PolySteel 600R Focusing LED Flashlight

This product sits at the top of our list of LED flashlights, sporting amazing features that make it a perfect addition to any emergency kit. When on a high setting, it can deliver an outstanding 579 -lumen light output with a beam distance of 856 feet! Also, with its stainless steel and polymer exterior, this flashlight can also be used for tactical purposes. So, if things do not turn out well and you need a weapon to defend yourself, then grab this LED torch like a light saber. Other noteworthy features of this stunning flashlight include an IPX8 waterproof rating, a drop resistance of 2 meters, and an out port for recharging other devices through a USB cable.

Check out these Coast Flashlights

An impressive emergency LED flashlight should be durable, easy-to-carry, and long-lasting just like our examples above. Do not just settle for low-priced ones that will not last within a week of use. But instead, focus on the quality and the features you will need down the line. Keep in mind that the best survival flashlight is something you can rely on during the event of a disaster.

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