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Underwater Ogles with These 3 Types of Goggles

20 September 2017 | Joel Vijay

If you’ve watched Disney’s The Little Mermaid, you know the underwater world holds thousands of wonderful things to look at. The sheer beauty of the ocean with its kaleidoscope of colours and shapes goes beyond words. Unfortunately, not all of us can see underwater. Even in crystal clear swimming pools, high chlorine content can cause irritation in our eyes and cloud our vision. Thankfully goggles were invented to help us ogle at the underwater world. Let’s look at 3 types of goggles that you can get today.

Optical Goggles

The most popular of the goggle types are the optical goggles. As they are the bigger category of goggles, you find a wide variety of types of these all over the market. Optical goggles are designed for precision vision underwater. They allow you to accurately see objects in the water and estimate the distance between you and the object as well as size estimation.

As vision is a priority, you get variants with anti-scratch, anti-fog, and UV-protection features inbuilt. Although these come at a higher price tag than the ordinary googles, they will do your eyes good in the long run, particularly if you’re swimming in sunlight or out in open water.

The most popular of the optical goggles are the Speedo Optical series. Speedo Opticals range from the Speedo Vanquisher to the Speedo Pulse and Speedo Aquapure Optical Goggles. These are just some you might want to look into.

Pro tip: Optical goggles are perfect for swimming in indoor and outdoor pools. Go for the clear goggles if indoor and tinted for outdoor.

Diving Goggles

Here’s where it gets fun. Most of us long for a beach holiday. We yearn to swim with the fishes and snorkel in crystal clear waters. But you can’t enjoy diving or snorkelling if you can’t see where you are swimming. This is why you need diving goggles.

Diving goggles are ridiculously large as compared to optical goggles. These monstrous contraptions do the job of keeping water out of the top half of your face. The large surface area of the lens allows for an IMAX-like view of the underwater world.

The latest variant of diving goggles comes with a full-face mask and snorkel attached. All you have to do is put on the mask and you’re good to go! Be warned though, you may sound like Batman’s nemesis Bane when you talk.

Deep Sea Goggles

As a type of diving goggles, deep sea goggles are rarely given much credit. These bad boys are the pioneers of deep sea research and allow divers to go deep into the water to ogle at the underwater creations our world has. The ability to handle mind-blowing pressures as it submerges to the depths of the ocean allows the deep sea goggles to thrive in its environment.

Other characteristics of deep sea goggles are the features that allow for breathing apparatus attachments and other gadgets hooked on to it. As versatile as they are, deep sea goggles are not cheap and need to be handled only by professional divers. If you are considering a professional career in diving, a pair of deep sea goggles is the perfect investment.

Now that you know a little more on goggle types and how you can ogle underwater, you might want to look into these options below:

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