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What if Coffee Could Make Itself?

30 October 2017 | Jillian Cheong

Imagine yourself waking up to a fresh cup of readily-made coffee for you to start your day, sounds too good to be true doesn’t it? Smarter, a London-based home tech brand has just made every coffee-lovers dream come true with their high-tech product.

If you’re a rather busy person and would like to spend a few more minutes in dreamland, the Smarter Coffee 2.0 will get you your caffeine fix in a jiffy! Whether you’re stuck in a jam or simply lazing around the house, you can grind and brew coffee with the Wi-Fi connected machine. The machine operates via your smartphone which makes it easier for you to access it anytime and anywhere.

The Smarter Coffee 2.0 looks like any standard coffee machine with a 12-cup glass carafe. It comes with a washable/reusable filter that pops open at the front. Personalize the machine according to your kitchen décor with their snap-on panels that comes in a variety of colours.

A cool feature of the product is its wake-up mode where you can set schedules and alarms to simultaneously brew your coffee so it is readily prepped by the time you head to the kitchen. Alternatively, the home mode utilises the tracking system in your smartphone to automatically brew a cup/pot of coffee when you’re about to reach home.

Smarter Coffee 2.0 also allows its users to personalize their cup of joe. Adjust the strength (weak, medium, or strong), grind coarseness and how long to pre-heat before brewing to your liking as well as the number of cups (maximum 12) you wish to brew via the Smarter app. You do not have to worry if the coffee machine runs out of water as the app lets you view how much water is left in the reservoir.

If you’re worried that your coffee gets cold by the time you get to it, the machine also has a warming function once the brewing is complete. You can set it up to as long as 40 minutes!

Overwhelmed by all the ‘smart’ products in the market these days? You can always opt for the traditional coffee makers such as ones shown below!

Dualit 84440 Multi Brew Coffee Maker - Polished From HK$ 2,021.00 Make all of your favourite coffees without having to leave your house thanks to the Dualit 84440 Multi Brew Coffee Machine. The versatile coffee machine uses quick-fix NX capsules, ESE pods, Tea and Origins café capsules as well as ground coffee meaning you can make the perfect cuppa depending on the time of day. Thanks to the unique Pure Pour technology the Dualit coffee machine is innovative and ensures that you can make professional coffee time and time again whilst the themobloc heating technology produces a continuous froth so you can keep going back for a refill. Impress your guests with cappuccinos, lattes, mochas and hot chocolate thanks to the froth nozzle whilst the 1.5L water reservoir and the 40 second warm up time makes the coffee machine ideal for entertaining or family occasions. The one cup and two cup filter means you can save energy when you only want a quick coffee for one. Complete with a drip tray the coffee machine will keep all surfaces free from spillages and the cast aluminium and stainless steel design will look smart and sophisticated in any kitchen. Features: Dualit Multi Brew Coffee Maker - Polished 1250 W Compatible with quick-fix NX capsules, ESE pods and ground coffee Pure Pour Technology Themobloc heating technology One cup filter Two cup filter Froth nozzle 1.5L water reservoir Drip tray 7g Tamper/Spoon Size: Weight: 5.81kg Dimensions: 20.5cm x 28.5cm x 32.5cm Please Note: Supplied with a UK three pin plug only.
De'Longhi - Dinamica Coffee Machine - White From HK$ 6,772.00 Enjoy a perfect mix of pleasure: a creamy cappuccino, with dense milk foam, always at the perfect temperature until the last drop. The automatic cleaning function integrated in the froth regulating knob guarantees an easy and secure cleaning of all milk frother components. Intuitive control panel with clear LCD display and touch buttons to guarantee a simple and immediate interaction with the final consumer. Apart from the direct buttons for traditional beverages (Espresso, Coffee, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato) discover the exclusive "my" function to personalize each beverage adjusting aroma and coffee/milk quantities, to enjoy drinks that perfectly match your taste! - 300gr large beans container- Cup holder to have your cups always ready- Removable brewing unit for easy cleaning and maintenance- Drip-tray with removable and dishwasher-safe grid for maximum hygiene and convenience- Intuitive control panel with clear LCD display and touch buttons for the best communication and interaction with the user- "my" function: personalize each beverage adjusting aroma and coffee/milk quantities, to enjoy drinks that perfectly match your taste!- Wide variety of traditional beverages at the touch of a button: Espresso, Coffee, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato as originally prepared- Equipped with "LatteCrema" System to enjoy a perfect mix of pleasure: a creamy cappuccino, with dense milk foam, always at the perfect temperature until the last drop!- Automatic cleaning function integrated in the froth regulating dial to guarantee an easy cleaning of all milk carafe components - so it can be easily turned into fridge after use
De'Longhi - PrimaDonna Elite Coffee Machine - Silver From HK$ 14,119.00 3.5" TFT colour display with contextual menu and one touch beverages All beverages, from espresso to latte macchiato, can be personalised according to your taste using simple touch screen technology. PrimaDonna Elite allows you to enjoy all your favourite drinks just the way you like them. The first De\\'Longhi machine with connectivity giving you the ability to select your favourite drinks, create new recipes with complete freedom and discover infinite personalisations The display guides you step by step through simple machine maintenance and use. Removable brewing unit; automatic easy cleaning carafe; easy to clean drip tray; dishwasher safe for a deep clean. - Removable brewing unit for easy cleaning and maintenance- De\\'Longhi \\'LatteCrema\\' System for a perfect mix of pleasure- Drip-tray with dishwasher-safe removable grid for easy maintenance- New thermal carafe with double wall to keep milk at an ideal temperature for longer- Bright stainless steel details and ergonomic outlines for a precious and dynamic design- Automatic clean for easy cleaning of the milk jug - so it can be turned to the fridge after use- A creamy cappuccino, with dense milk foam, always at the perfect temperature, until the last drop!- Wide variety of coffee and milk recipes, easily programmable, with 6 user profiles for individually tailored drinks- Intuitive 3,5" TFT colour display with 8 additional touch buttons, to always have your favourite recipes at the touch of a button- Machine connected to the innovative Smart Coffee App, to create new beverages, discover infinite personalization and receive unlimited advice and suggestions
Breville - The Oracle Coffee Machine - Stainless Steel From HK$ 12,419.00 Until now you have been asked to choose, manual or automatic The Oracle is the world\\'s first automatic manual espresso machine that brings true cafe quality to your home without the barista. The Oracle has automatic grinding, dosing, tamping and milk texturing, automating the most difficult parts of manual espresso. At the heart of the Oracle is it\\'s dual stainless steel boiler triple heat system. The Oracle has a dedicated espresso boiler with PID technology to extract the espresso shot to within +/- 1C of the selected temperture. The Oracle also has a dedicated steam boiler to deliver instant and continuous steam on demand. You can extract espresso and texture milk simultaneously allowing you to capture the delicate aromatics of the espresso in your coffee by having the espresso and milk ready at the same time. The Oracle also features an Over Pressure Valve. This commercial feature limits the maximum pressure throughout the extraction, helping to prevent bitter flavours in the shot. It also has true low pressure pre-infusion, which gradually increases the pressure to gently expand the grinds for an even extraction. The Oracle provides the taste benefits of a manual with the simplicity of an automatic. - 2400W- Electronic Pid- 220 - 240 Volts- 2.5L Water Tank- Auto Start Setting- 280g Bean Hopper- Triple Heating System- Adjustable Grind Control- Low Pressure Pre-infusion- 15 Bar Italian Made Pump- Dedicated Hot Water Outlet- One Touch Long Black Setting- Integrated Conical Burr Grinder- 58mm Commercial Group Head- Programmable Volumetric Control- Regulated Extraction Pressure (Opv)- Programmable Milk Temperature and Texture

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