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5 Stylish Bluetooth Speakers for the Nomadic Millennials

20 September 2017 | Reymart Jan Sarigumba

Most of us live our lives on the go so mobile speakers are a must. You’ll be wanting wireless connection so you can play tracks from your smartphone or tablet.

There are a plethora of options for stylish Bluetooth speakers that look as good as they sound. From sleek and easy-to-transport speakers from Bose to funky and ultraportable models from Logitech, here’s our pick of the most stylish mobile speakers to get the party started wherever you are.

Bose Soundlink Color

With a dimension of 5.3x5.0x2.1 inches, the Soundlink Color boasts a sleek, playful design that easily fits into your bag, knapsack or the palm of your hand. Not only does it have a premium-looking exterior but also offers a decent amount of bass. It also can handle complicated music with ease, producing clear highs and lows.

Bose wireless speakers

Philips FLEX BT2000A

With two color options available, the FLEX BT2000A has a visually pleasing design with easy-to-access buttons and a very portable build. It also includes a shoelace-style lanyard which comes in handy if you’re on the go; just hang it from a belt loop or hook it to your backpack.

When it comes to pairing and playing music, it’s quite easy to use. Its stylish accordion-like sides offer a sound quality boost that can handle a lot of bass and less distortion.

Philips Wireless Speakers

JBL Clip+

At 4.2x3.5x1.7 inches, the Clip+ is smaller than most wireless speakers out there. JBL made it that way to make sharing of audio easier. Also, don’t let its small size fool you as it produces crisp trebles and detailed bass. Listening to the part where Ariana Grande’s “Focus” was complemented by horns sounded more lively as it should on the Clip+.

Not only does it have a cool design but also a water-resistance protection which is a noteworthy upgrade from its predecessor, the original Clip. Even if you spray it with water many times, it should function fine, making it a better option for taking everywhere.

JBL wireless speakers

Sony SRS-XB40

Aside from its premium look and feel, the XB40 has a rugged body and soft rubber sides, making it a durable portable speaker. All its buttons are placed on the top where you control media playback, answer phone calls, or enable your phone’s voice assistant. Sound-wise, the XB40 comes with an impressively loud sound, making it good for outdoor parties.

Sony Wireless Speakers

Logitech X50

What’s great about the Logitech X50 is that it not only has a funky and cool grill design but also a durable plastic body that can withstand shoulder-high drops. Despite its ultraportable size, it can surprisingly produce impressively clear sounds up to 90% of the volume bar. Not to mention, it has a decent battery life of 5 hours which you can recharge within 2 hours after it’s drained.

Logitech Wireless Speakers

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