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Apple iMac pushes the boundaries of peak performance 

22 February 2018 | Aaron Tam

At WWDC this year, Apple has announced the all-new Apple iMac (27-inch) to replace its venerable 27-inch sibling which was released back in 2014. The Apple iMac receives modest updates in terms of speed and features. As the previous Apple iMac was just 3 years ago, these upgrades were supposed to bring it to 2017 standard.

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This new Apple iMac enjoys a significant boost over older models. At the same time, its performance is still comparable to its Windows competitor. In terms of display quality, its Retina 5K displays still remain the best in a class of its own. It boasts the highest resolution display in an all-in-one desktop. For your graphics needs, you have the Radeon RX 580-class graphics to satisfy your never-ending craving.

The Apple iMac is also easier to configure than most Windows 10 systems with their unnecessarily confusing integrated/discrete graphics architecture. Its powerful Thunderbolt 3 port offers up to 40Gbps bandwidth but there are not a lot of drives that can take advantage of this ultra-fast data transfer rate. Despite this, this also means that the Apple iMac helps for future-proofing.

Over the years, the Apple iMac series has been growing stronger and this year's Apple iMac is not an exception. This Apple iMac pushes the boundaries of peak performance just like its predecessor did when it first shipped. More functional and versatile than ever, the Apple iMac is still a solid design with glossy upgrades.

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