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Apple iPhone XS Hong Kong – Overrated or Future-Proof?

26 September 2018 | Jonathan So

Well, the answer depends on what you are looking for, to be honest. The iPhone XS (pronounced as 10-S) features several upgrades from its predecessor, the “revolutionary” iPhone X. With a new-and-improved processor, a dual-camera system, and dual-SIM capability, the iPhone XS is widely regarded as the best iPhone that Apple has ever created. That shouldn’t come as a surprise though since it’s the newest addition to the smartphone family. However, the question remains, do these tweaks justify its exorbitant pricing and how do they stand against ever-improving competition?

iPhone XS Price and Release Date in Hong Kong

The iPhone XS price starts from HK$8,688 for the cheapest variant, which is the 64GB version, HK$9,888 for the 256GB variant, and HK$11,599 for the 512GB. This makes the phone one of the costliest phones you can buy today. Hence, we shall see if the phone is really worth emptying your bank account for.

iPhone XS Hong Kong Key Features

Like other “S” models released prior, the iPhone XS only features moderate tweaks, so do not expect any revolutionary upgrades. That’s not to say that they are not useful, but it does make us wonder if the improvements warrant the steep price tag.

Improved Processor

The first upgrade comes in the form of a hardware, more specifically an all-new chipset: the A12. Created using a 7nm process, it is one of the most powerful processors in a smartphone today with two “power” cores and four more that are optimized for enhanced efficiency. For regular users, this much power might not really be needed, especially if you are just using the phone for browsing the web or replying to emails. However, if you are looking to delve into more demanding apps and tasks such as augmented reality, graphics-intensive games, then the extra power this chipset provides can come in handy to ensure that these processes run flawlessly.

Better Face ID

Apple has always touted the facial recognition system in its last few iterations of the iPhone as the most secure smartphone feature and has gone to great measures to ensure that it is so by making sure it is almost impossible to hack. For the iPhone XS, Apple has claimed that it has increased this biometric system’s speed which means that the device will be unlocked faster upon scanning your facial features. Face ID also works through sunglasses, which makes it more accurate than many facial recognition systems available on other smartphones.

iOS 12

The operating system is one of the main reasons behind the iPhone series’ popularity so far and Apple aims to continue this legacy with the iOS12. The interface is zippy, enabling you to navigate through the apps on the phone with no signs of lag or slowing down. For those who are used to iPhones with a physical home button, you might need some time to familiarize yourself with the new way of doing things on the phone now that the button has been removed.

There are also some small tweaks that might seem insignificant at first but is good enough to improve your experience with the phone. The first of these is group notifications which hinder you from being flooded with notifications whenever there is an update on your email thread or social media. Another element, Screen Time, monitors your usage and allows you to set your limits on chosen apps.


In terms of the phone’s design, Apple has decided not to fix what is not broken. The iPhone XS has exactly the same shape, frame, and build as the iPhone X; there should not be any complaints though as the phone looks as stunning as it is. The phone fits well in the hand and the curved edges make it more comfortable in the hand. The phone does not feature a headphone jack and unlike before, there is no complementary adaptor in the box. Therefore, you will need to head to an Apple Store and pay for a connector if you insist to continue using a headphone with a 3.5mm jack.

Apple Hong Kong has also made the iPhone XS more durable by equipping it with a glass that is specially-formulated to give the device enhanced protection. This makes the phone more resistant to scratches and able to withstand accidental drops and knocks. It is also IP68-rated which means it can survive an accidental drop into a sink filled with water or a pool.

Other Features

Like the iPhone X, the iPhone XS features a 2,436 x 1,125p OLED panel. However, it has a better dynamic range which makes HDR 10 and Dolby Vision effects more impressive on the device. The screen also comes with 120Hz tracking technology, enabling it to be twice as fast at detecting your touch input.

Camera-wise, the iPhone XS offers a dual 12MP sensor on the rear comprising of a telephoto lens for zooming and a wide-angle lens; both are supported by optical image stabilization for clearer and sharper photos. The pixel size of the camera has been increased to allow better sensitivity towards light which leads to improved low-light photography. Shots captured by the camera during the day has sharp details and are rich in colour. Overall, the images show better balance, colour temperature, and detail compared to many top-tier devices today.

It is clear that the iPhone XS is the best phone that Apple has ever produced so far. Whether it is worth the price you pay ultimately depends on your needs and what you are looking for in the phone.

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