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These 5 MP3 Players will Keep You In-Sync and In-Style with Your Music Today

11 September 2017 | Reymart Jan Sarigumba

The advent of MP3 players changed the way people listen to music. They began to spring up like mushrooms, flourishing for a while — until the smartphone arrived.

With their limited storage capacities, smartphones eventually lead to the rise of streaming services like Spotify that quickly obsoleted the MP3s in favor of limitless collections of music hosted from the cloud.

But MP3 players didn’t simply vanish when the smartphones showed up. Instead, they have slid comfortably into many different niches. For example, smaller media players are a popular choice among active people due to their light build, ensuring their pockets won’t bounce during a workout.

So, if you have a change of heart and decide to give these devices a try, then we’ll help you find the right MP3 player for you. Here are some of our picks below.

Apple iPod Shuffle

Released in 2013, Apple’s iPod Shuffle remains a ray of light in the MP3 world; all thanks to its small dimensions and budget-friendly price tag. The clip-and-go variant comes in a variety of colors, has around 2GB of storage and 15 hours of battery life. It is also equipped with easy-access controls in a form of a big, clickable control pad, making it easy to change volume and select new music.

Apple Mp3 Players


Although AGPtek is a lesser-known brand, it has impressed quite a few people when it comes to affordable MP3 players. The AGPtek M20 is a great model for those who only need bare bones features. It may be affordable but it sports a premium-feeling metal construction and it doesn’t take up much space with its small dimensions at only 3 x .3 x 1.2 inches. It can play a wide variety of audio formats, including MP3, WMA, OGG, APE, FLAC, WAV, and AAC.

AGPteK MP3 players

FiiO X1

Another brand that is not-so recognizable in the MP3 space but makes up for it in audio quality is FiiO. Its X1 model offers Bluetooth capability, so you can connect to speakers or hook up your wireless headphones. On top of that, it can support all major music formats, which means what you listen to on the device is completely up to you.

FiiO Mp3 Players

SanDisk Clip 8GB

In case you didn’t know SanDisk’s Clip 8GB is a best seller on many online retail marketplaces in Hong Kong. Aside from its pocket-pleasing price tag, it has an internal 4-GB storage and a built-in microSD card to further expand the size of your music collection up to 8 GB. Unlike Apple’s iPod line, which requires music purchased from iTunes, the SanDisk plays audio in various formats regardless of where the music was acquired. Add in a 25-hour battery life and you’ve found a well-made and well-priced MP3 player.

SanDisk Mp3 Players

Sony NWZ-B183F

This unique-looking MP3 player offers a different styling than we’re used to seeing in the iPod-centric MP3 world. The NWZ-B183F has a cool cylindrical shape that doesn’t affect any function or capabilities while producing Sony’s typical exceptional audio quality. Its stylish aluminum finish and black color stand out in a world where a plethora of colors was the norm for MP3 player releases. With a total weight of just 1.1 ounces, you will feel no added bulk in your pocket.

Sony Mp3 Players

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