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If You Like It, Put A GoPro On It – 5 Weird Places to Mount A GoPro

28 August 2017 | Joel Vijay

GoPro has emerged as one of the most well-loved action camera brands in Hong Kong today. Models such as the GoPro Hero4 Silver and the GoPro Hero 6 have become must-haves for adrenaline junkies and adventurers seeking to capture that epic not-to-be-missed moment. Mounting a GoPro on a surfboard or onto a drone capturing epic footage can be the highlight of our day. But experience a whole other level of fun when you try out these 5 weird places to mount your GoPro.

GoPro videos can be addictive. Everyone’s favourite action camera can capture a stunning point-of-view video in HD clarity and vivid colours. The rush of excitement one gets after performing a stunt or fast-paced activity is the ultimate thrill. Swimming with sharks, skydiving out of a plane, or racing a sports car on a track bring out the best of GoPro footage. But not all of us are surfers or skydivers. Most of us love our GoPro cameras for their ease of shooting photos and video when travelling or at events. But did you know there are ways to have a great deal of fun mounting your GoPro on seemingly mundane items? Here are some you might want to try.

GoPro Doge

Attention pet lovers! Your cat or dog is the best thing to mount your GoPro camera on. All you need is the right mount. As your cats and dogs love to go out of the house for mammalian adventures you’ve got a huge opportunity to shoot some amazing footage. Not sure where they go? You can keep an eye on them with a GoPro camera.

Warning: You may find them doing things you told them not to.

As your dog runs outside and scurries past bushes, cars, houses, and encounters other canines, you get a 180o degree view of your dog’s adventures. All you need for this trick is to strap on a dog mount to your canine and let him loose. Later, compile all the footage and evaluate your dog’s personality.

GoPro Baby

Toddlers, like pets, have a mind of their own. Besides trying to put everything in their mouth, their curiosity for new experiences is unquenchable. They climb, pull, crawl, run, shout, eat, and literally use every bit of energy to express their excitement. Toddlers make prime candidates for GoPro mounts. GoPro cameras such as the GoPro HERO 4 Session and HERO 3 Session are small enough to be mounted on a child’s harness but too large for the toddler to swallow.

As parents, we tend to leave our kids alone for short periods of time. In this time, we may want to know what our kids are up to. A GoPro makes the perfect chaperone to record all your child’s movements and activities. You could even mount one on your baby’s bottle when it’s feeding time and get excellent baby POV footage. Check out this GoPro baby montage from a Super Bowl commercial:

Get Trippy with A GoPro Fan

Our ceiling fans are vital in fighting the hot and humid weather of Hong Kong. But our ceiling fan is capable of producing trippy videos given you strap a GoPro on it. Considering how some of us get off on trippy videos on YouTube, it’s no surprise that we can create our own. The hallucinating effect of a twirling image is exactly what you can achieve when you mount your GoPro on one of the fan blades. Be sure to strap the camera secure on the blade so it doesn’t get flung out. Don’t have a fan? Get one today!

Time-lapse Your Seedling

If you are not a botanist or you dislike gardening, this may not appeal to you. But mounting your GoPro on a flower pot and recording your plant’s growth throughout the day could bring some interesting video on the life cycle of your creeper. As most flowers bloom in the morning, strategically place your GoPro nearby flower buds or other blossoming plants and watch the magic.

Time-lapse videos are perfect for educating your children and showing a series of events that happen over a long period of time. Of course, you could use any other camera to record time-lapse videos, but a GoPro gives stunning clarity and dynamic colouration with every shot. Other time-lapse videos include the night’s sky, an assembling of a car, a DIY build or literally anything that takes a long time.

GoPro Backpack

You can tell a lot about a person through his or her backpack. The backpack goes everywhere and experiences everything with you. Why not document everything your backpack goes through? Yes, it’s an everyday tool that we take for granted, but mount your GoPro on it and you can capture some interesting video.

Whether you’re walking through the city, crossing paths with pedestrians, going on a hike, getting chased by a stray dog or simply stopping by your friend’s house to say hi, a ride on a backpack is worth the effort.

So which of these 5 weird places would you mount your GoPro? Don’t have a GoPro? Why not check out the GoPro and accessories below?

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