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LG G6 – Premium Specs at Half the Price

10 August 2017 | Jonathan So

After its lacklustre G5, LG has made a solid comeback with its newest flagship, the G6, released earlier in 2017. The LG G6 offers specifications that are comparable to the flagship models of other top-tier brands at a lower price tag.

The LG G6 has a slim, water-resistant build whose screen takes up 80% of the phone face. This is the reason why the G6 is contributed to introducing the minimal bezel design that is the current trend in the smartphone industry, although it was the Samsung Galaxy S8 that eventually refined and popularised the design.

Here are the key highlights of the G6 smartphone which makes it a sought-after smartphone for individuals who want impressive specs without breaking the bank:

Polished and Splash-Proof Design

The LG G6 is easily the best-looking phone in LG’s inventory to date, sporting a streamlined aesthetic and svelte metal unibody, giving it a sleek and classy look. Like its predecessors, the LG G6’s fingerprint sensor into the home button on the back that is placed below the rear camera. The 5.7-inch screen takes up 80% of the front of the phone, providing a thin bezel all around.

Moreover, the G6 is also dust- and water-resistant with IP68 rating. This means that it can be submerged up to about 1.5 meters of water for up to 30 minutes. For everyday applications, this means that the phone can survive an accidental drop into the toilet bowl or if you spilt of coffee on it.

The 5.7-inch screen takes up 80% of the front of the phone, providing a thin bezel all around.

Immersive Display

The LG G6 comes with a FullVision QHD+ screen with an ultra-wide 18:9 aspect ratio. This translates to a 1440 x 2880 screen resolution and an eye-popping pixel density of 564 pixels per inch. To put things into perspective, the iPhone 7 Plus has a pixel density of 410ppi while the Samsung Galaxy S8 has a 571ppi. This is pretty impressive considering that the LG G6 was released months earlier than Samsung’s flagship. The 18:9 aspect ratio offered makes it ideal for split-screen apps and movie playback. This screen is also 30% more power-efficient compared to its previous LG models and have easier to view in direct sunlight.

Its display can also support both Dolby Vision and HDR10 which means that you can enjoy high-res HDR content on your phone, making use of the extra clarity and accurate colour reproduction to give high-quality images.

This translates to a 1440 x 2880 screen resolution and an eye-popping pixel density of 564 pixels per inch.

Improved Camera Performance

The LG G6 boasts a 13-megapixel dual-lens snapper, one of them being a wide-angle lens with a 125-degree field of view. The G6 effortlessly captures sharp and vibrant photos, even in low-light conditions, making it on par with its rivals such as the Samsung Galaxy S8, Pixel XL, and OnePlus 3T. If you like taking selfies, this phone does not disappoint as it comes with a wide-angle 5MP selfie camera with a 100-degree field of view. The phone also shows upgrades in terms of the software aspect, with a new interface that shows you five of your most recent photos. LG also has a separate camera app called Square Camera, offering a number of different tools to take neat square photos to be uploaded on Instagram easily.

Smooth-Sailing with Snapdragon 821

One aspect that may be considered a down point for the LG G6 is that it is still equipped with the Snapdragon 821 chipset which is no longer the latest-and-greatest chipset offered by Qualcomm. Qualcomm’s latest 835 chipset is relatively smaller, faster, and quicker at recharging mobile batteries. Despite sporting a chipset that is “so last year!”, the phone still delivers flawless performance during multi-tasking and everyday mobile processes. Unless you are someone who absolutely needs to be at the edge of technology, there is nothing much for you to complain about.

Now I’m feeling so fly like a G6

Like a G6, Like a G6

Now I’m feeling so fly like a G6

Like a G6, Like a G6

Although I am sure that the LG G6 is not the inspiration behind Far East Movement’s “Like A G6” song, the lyrics is a correct representation of how the LG G6 can make you feel.

Besides smartphones, LG also offers a wide array of other electronic devices that you can check out below!

LG G6 HK$ 3,611.99 Seamless Design with Refined BuildFeel the differenceThe metal and glass combine to provide a premium look and feel, whilst the stunning FullVision display elevates LG G6 into the next generation of smartphone design. More to See, Less to HoldThe large immersive 5:7" FullVision display is great for viewing your favourite movies, games and online content. Best of all, this large screen will fit nicely in your palm due to the slim bezel and minimised bulk. Get More Friends in Your selfie!The 100 degree front camera lets you capture a wider angle so you can fit more in the picture. Capture the Big Picture!The 125-degree rear camera offers a viewing angle that is five degrees wider than the humans eye\\'s binocular field of view. The wide angle lens makes it easier to capture those big Australian landscape scenes, and those social gatherings when you need to capture a larger group of friends without having to position yourself further away. Square Up and ShareRaise your social media game with creative picture modes that let you shoot and share more playful day-to-day pictures. Transform Your Mobile Viewing ExperienceThe LG G6 with Dolby Vision™, Hdr10 and a Qhd+ FullVision display provides incredible colour and contrast for an enhanced viewing experience. Water and Dust ResistantTake the LG G6 just about anywhere without worry thanks to its outstanding Ip68 water and dust resistance. High Quality Audio RecordingWhether at a concert or a sports event, capture full, rich, high quality sound with the two Acoustic Overload Point (Aop) mics. Enjoy an Immersive Gaming ExperienceThe LG G6 gaming experience is supported by Vulkan™. You can also adjust each indicator such as resolution, frame and battery on individual needs to maximise your gaming experience. A Helping Voice with Google Assistant Need an answer to a question? Want to queue up a song or video? Want to get something done or find directions? The Google Assistant works effortlessly with the LG G6 and is ready to help in those times when you need a hand but can’t spare one.

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