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Rejoice! The "Indestructible" Nokia 3310 is Back Better and Stronger

18 August 2017 | Reymart Jan Sarigumba

Nokia takes a stroll down memory lane this year to revive the 3310, revamped for the millennial era. Despite its limited capabilities, it has everything you need for a bare bones phone.

This isn’t the typical phone you need for shooting Insta-worthy moments and post them on social media. Instead, it is the handset you carry on those tough trips where your high-end smartphone might get ruined and where you might not get to an outlet and recharge. Behold the new Nokia 3310, a remake of the iconic handset with the help of today’s upgrades. Here are 3 reasons why you want to add this device to your mobile arsenal.

The iconic, indestructible plastic design is back

Don’t let the plastic construction fool you; just like the original, it won’t shatter if you drop it. Even without a glass protection, the Nokia 3310 can definitely withstand a few more knocks than other advanced handsets today.

Design-wise, it looks strikingly similar to the 2000 model but with a few more buttons below its display. It comes with a dual color scheme that reminds you of Nokia’s retro basic phones. With its old-school design, you may feel it is unmistakably affordable. But this is nicely offset by its sophisticated finish, comfortable weight, and nice buttons.

A battery that doesn’t run out of juice easily

The Nokia 3310’s makes up for its lack of modern features, such as a large display and better camera, by having a superb battery life. Its 1200-mAh battery can last up to 31 days on a single charge, which is quite impressive for a basic phone. Though that only applies if you don’t use your phone the whole time. If you frequently use it for taking photos, listening to music, and playing games, then it can last up to a week, which is still awesome.

Surprise! Snake returns

Snake returns with more snake-like visuals and colors for your entertainment. It also has a surname this time and is called the Snake Xenzia. This is made by Gameloft, featuring a series of stages with many different map layouts. Like the original game, you still need to devour as much food as you can without munching your own tail. However, this time, you are not limited to left, right, up, down moves, thus moving at any angles you like.

If you get tired of playing Snake, you might want to play these other games like Drag Race, Asphalt 6: Adrenaline, and much more!

The new Nokia 3310 is not only a device designed for people to revel in nostalgia. It is also for people who are looking for a basic device that can do simple tasks without the touchscreen and the extra features. With its tough build and impressive battery, it surely is a solid and dependable basic phone for everyone.

Check out these other Nokia phones below!

Lumia 1020
From HK$ 3,404.00 The newly launched Nokia Lumia 1020 is an extremely amazing fun filled smartphone powered by Windows from the Nokia’s Lumia Series. It has a 10.4mm sleek and lightweight body construction with a 4.5 inch Wxga Full HD display having a pixel density of 334ppi with Super-sensitive touch screen technology. The device is environment smart as well, as it automatically adjusts screen brightness and has battery saver feature.The smartphone is supported by Windows Phone 8 operating system and runs on a Dual-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor. The Phone comes with in-device memory synchronization where users can simply share and store data on Microsoft powered SkyDrive Cloud Storage of 7GB along with a 2GB RAM and a handsome 32Gb Mass Storage.The amazing new Lumia 1020 incorporates a redesigned Optical Image Stabilization (Ois) to support the far larger sensor. The handset uses the biggest Back-side illuminated (Bsi) sensor in any consumer device and 6-lens optics from Carl Zeiss Tessar (the most of any smartphone) and a Xenon flash. The Pro Camera Lens snaps 2 photos at the same time with one at full HD resolution and the other as a 5MP small version of the original high definition photo for easy sharing. The 41Mp camera allows a 3x zoom for the 5MP photo without distorting the image quality as the sample photo contains all the details of the original high resolution picture. The 5MP photo can be easily edited to user requirements as well. The camera App lets you define your settings and store them as default however, other setting are adjusted automatically. The app also allows creativity through manual focus adjustment.The app also contains digital camera add-ons including Nokia Smart Camera, Cinemagraph lens, Panorama lens, Bing vision, PhotoBeamer, Creative Studio, Nokia Glam Me apart from Nokia Pro Camera to give you an all in all amazing shooting experience. The Panorama app enables you to take bigger pictures by simply taking snapshots in parts and then it automatically combines them all to form a larger picture. The Nokia Glam Me is an amazing face beautification app for Windows Phones that allows you to edit and enhance self portraits. The PhotoBeamer allows you to view pictures on screen by simply pointing your Nokia Lumia at any screen displaying and lets you enjoy an exciting family time. It simply is a mobile projector that\\'s always with you where ever you go. The Cinemagraph lets you create lively pictures with staggering animations. The Handset supports a secondary camera with a 1280x960 pixels resolution that enables you to record videos, still images and make video calls.Video Recording is supported by 1080pixel Full HD 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution to assure the best quality video recording whenever you come across a memorable moment. The camera allows you to shoot snapshots and videos from any angle or position as it includes a redesigned optical Image Stabilizer. The camera frame allows 30fps and a 6x zoom. You can always browse, stream and post videos easily to YouTube and download them as well.The productivity feature includes an array of application for personal, family and business assistance including Family Room and Kid\\'s Corner along with Social Networks in Phonebook and other usual Nokia applications such as To-do list, OneNote, Wallet etc. The Business apps include Adobe Acrobat Reader free download, Lync (Corporate IM) free download, SkyDrive storage for documents and notes, Company Hub for enterprise applications and free MS Office Excel, Word and PowerPoint.You can always Sync Videos, Pictures, Music, Contacts and details the way you want to with Exchange ActiveSync, Mac companion app, Windows 8 companion app, Nokia Photo Transfer for Mac.Lumia 1020 allows you to work on the go with Yahoo Mail, Outlook Mobile, Gmail, Office 365, Nokia Mail and Windows Live / Hotmail / You can simply attach and view attached files and multiple email accounts at the same time or you can link multiple inboxes to a single inbox. Instant messaging was never this easy with supported instant messaging services including Google Talk, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger, WhatsApp, Yahoo Messenger, Skype IM and Facebook. No other phone comes close: Experience the quality of the Nokia Lumia 1020\\'s 41-megapixel camera sensor, PureView technology, Optical Image Stabilization, and amazing high-resolution zoom. Take stunning pictures while exploring the world of photography

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