Love lingerie? Alice Temperley, the fashion designer once shared, “Lingerie is my next love after clothing; I think it is what is worn underneath that really inspires a woman to feel beautiful in her clothes – that inner, secret glamour.” Exude glamour and confidence with the right fit and you’re set to conquer the world with Triumph’s inner wear and lingerie collection.


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A story weaved and shaped through time

When corsetiere Johann Gottfriend Spiesshofer and merchant Michael Braun launched the Spiesshofer & Braun corsetry frim. It was humble beginnings for this brand as they started out with six sewing machines and six employees. The intimate team started production in a barn located in Heubach, southern Germany.

After a few years, their firm expanded to include 150 employees. During the time of the German Empire, the idea of regal beauty connoted royal lacing, accentuating the bust and bottom while the waist and hips were pulled into shape. This set the tone for Triumph’s designs and functionality during that time.

The company started production again and officially began trading as Triumph International. The brand expanded throughout Europe and opened branches in the UK, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Austria and the Netherlands.

In 1960, Triumph International set up its roots in Asia. The brand opened branches in Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, China and India. In addition to that, their European business also expanded to include shops in Spain, Greece, France and Portugal. Triumph International was selling lingerie in a total of 92 countries.

The first elastane fiber, Lycra revolutionized lingerie fashion when it first came in the market. This meant the dawn of light fabrics and improvement in terms of washing and wearing. Triumph International launched the ‘Doreen’ lingerie range. This collection was made with polyamide with 15% elastane. The brand achieved another first when it became the first brand to use the molded cup technique to eliminate the sight of seams. During this time the brand expanded its portfolio to include bikinis and swimsuits too. Triumph’s advertising changed its direction to focus more on the self-assured women all over.

Triumph International is ready to celebrate 125 years of innovation, creativity and dedication. The brand has continuously set standards in the industry and ensuring that women all over are getting their best fit. This is all possible with the team’s deep knowledge and understanding of the female form. This in turn, helps the brand come up with new concepts and ways of merging performance with fashion.

One star to flaunt and rule them all

Photographer and brand ambassador, Helena Christensen has been spotted in Triumph International adverts all over the world. For spring/summer, the brand revealed a new lingerie line called Helena Christensen for Triumph. This collection featured sophisticated lingerie options that are delicate yet comfortable to wear.

As Adriana Lima once said, “Lingerie is one of the most important pieces of your wardrobe. You can have a wardrobe malfunction if you do not choose the right thing to wear underneath!” This is especially true for those night outs and special outfits that require a different kind of support. Triumph International shows its commitment to bringing the best by enlisting the help of A-lister Helena Christensen as the face of the brand.

Find the perfect lingerie & innerwear fit online

When you’re shopping online for lingerie you’re not necessarily compromising on the perfect fit. Triumph International is home to three brands that cater to the lux lingerie wearer, men’s underwear and ultra-high-performance sportswear that combines form with function. Choosing between Triumph, Sloggi and Triaction is easy when you have got yourself fitted beforehand. Once you have your measurements, you can easily find your size and a design you like with a few clicks of your mouse.

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