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DVD players are one of the best ways to kick back and relax to enjoy movies on your own whim. No more cinema lines and cinema schedules, you decide when you are watching.

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Goodmans GDVDPLY01 Portable DVD Player
HK$ 576.00
Take your DVD entertainment with you with the Goodmans 7" portable DVD player. Specially designed to be used on the go, the Goodmans portable DVD player has all the features for to keep you or your kids entertained on the move. The Goodmans portable DVD player lets you watch your favourite movies in comfort. The clever, hinged screen can fold and rotate 180%u1D52 meaning you'll always be able to find the perfect viewing angle. The high quality 7 inch Widescreen HD display ensures great picture quality no matter the conditions and is perfectly suited to modern letterbox style 16:9 DVD movies. With a wide viewing angle you can watch and share movies with your friends too. The Goodmans portable DVD player is perfect for those trips out as it features a 5 second anti-shock protection system meaning that small jogs and knocks will not impact the DVD playback. The high power internal lithium battery will last around 2 hours and an in-car power adaptor that fits into the existing power socket in your vehicle comes in included - so no problem on those longer journeys. A set of earphones and a mains adaptor are also included. The DVD player can also be used to show movies on the big screen as a set of cables for connecting to your TV are also provided as well as a full function infra-red remote control. The Goodmans portable DVD player is detailed in a smart dark titanium paint finish with an anti-scratch texture to keep it looking great for longer Box Contains Infra-red remote controlIn-car power adaptorMains power adaptor1 x earphones
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*Prices updated on 22 Aug 2017

DVD Players, where would we be without them?  

Your movies, whenever you want

The dawn of the television was the pinnacle of human entertainment. At last the world could see moving images, albeit at first without color. Following that, colored television came along. However, whatever entertainment we received via cable or satellite were given at preset schedules and timetables set by the providers - we did not have any choice of what we would like to watch. Then came along the VCR tapes, and then CD players. Today, however, there are DVD players. 

A DVD player is a device that run discs that are made under the format of DVD-Video and DVD-Audio, two different standards. DVD players are usually connected directly to a television set where it will output both audio and video for viewing.  

The very first DVD player was created by Sony in Taiwan. It was done through a collaboration with Pacific Digital Company from the United States of America.  

Using a DVD player to catch your favourite movies and shows! 

Sometimes we just want to kick back and watch some movies or TV series, but the prospect of heading out to a cinema or a theater sounds even more tiring than usual. If that is the case, then just sit down at home and throw in a DVD of your favourite show to watch - but of course you will have to get the DVD beforehand!  

That is one of the greatest advantages of a DVD player: the ability to play a DVD of your choice whenever you want or continue from where you left off! Talk about taking matters into your own hand. If DVD movies aren't your thing, most DVD players are also compatible with other disc formats such as audio CDs (MP3-CD, CD-R, Audio CD) to play your favourite artists' albums and songs. Got a party? Pop in your latest jams and let the DVD player sound out those beautiful tunes.  

DVD Players' features 

  • Upscaling: Most modern DVD players now come with an upscaling feature. It is usually a must have feature in most DVD players. Upscaling is basically a process where a DVD video is enhanced so it looks high-definition when output to a visual display. This enables the idea to also match the TV's resolution slightly better than usual. 
  • Intuitive User Interface and Remote Control: There are several different ways to interact with a DVD player: the few buttons on the player itself, the on-screen menu (usually during movies), and the ever omni-present remote control. Most of the buttons just do most of the basic tasks of a DVD player, but the remote control is definitely where more control is present.  
  • Disc Memory: Ever had to stop your DVD film halfway because you had to go or had other matters to attend to? We are sure that you will want to continue your movie from where you last left off. Thanks to disc memory in DVD players, you can now resume your movie from exactly where you last left off. Most DVD players today remember where they last left off for more than a few DVD movies, so you don't have to worry that someone else had used the machine and reset your progress.  

You can get your favourite DVD players from brands such as Sony, Panasonic, and Sharp

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