Media players are often confused with MP3 and MP4 players due to their digital audio capabilities. But there’s more to media players than handling audio features. Click here to read more.


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7 Remarkable Uses of Media Players in Hong Kong

Media players are more than just MP3 players. They do more than just play music. They enable you to watch your favorite movies and TV programs, view your photos in a portable format, etc. Some variants like portable media players come with clips and attachments that allow you to do these activities while on the move. Here is a list of multimedia capabilities of media players.

Download and listen to digital music

This is the most common use of media players. If you purchased songs from music download stores or ripped from CDs, then you can transfer them easily to your media player via USB cable or wireless means. In newer models, wireless transfers are usually the method used. There are also other media players capable of both USB and wire transfers. Choosing the right one depends on your preference.

Listen to audiobooks and podcasts

Just like music files, you can transfer audiobooks or podcasts you downloaded from your computer to your media player. With that, you can listen to your favorite books while driving on the road or doing chores at home.

Watch music videos

There is another variant of media players that comes with a display so you can watch your favorite band or artist either by downloading from the web or by streaming video. The same thing goes if you want to watch your favorite movies online. Make sure you are connected to the internet so you can do these activities.

Listen to FM radio

Some models of media players have a pre-installed built-in FM tuner that works like a traditional radio receiver. This feature allows you to listen to live radio broadcasts. Other models also come with earbuds that function like antennas which improve the reception of the radio.

Record external audio

Media players are also packed with voice or sound recorders. Some models are integrated with a microphone that can store and convert external sounds into digital form. Say, if you want to record live music and you want to save it so you can play it back on your media player at a later time.

Display photos

Many media players don’t come with a built-in camera like smartphones do. But they can be used to show images. If your music tracks do not have an album art, you can download images associated with the track like album covers. That way, your music player looks great as the album art is displayed while the tracks play.

Read e-books

Reading e-books on smartphones is not ideal because of their small screen size. But, with media players, they often come with a 7-inch screen that is a perfect display size for reading without having to increase the font size. Moreover, some models of media players are integrated with a feature that enables reading of e-books. Others don’t come with such feature but there’s an app you can download and install on your media player.