Whether you are a skateboarder, sneakerhead, or casual wearer, looking for a good pair of kicks is surely needed to help you get through your everyday lives. Vans Hong Kong Old Skool line is sure to elevate your shoe game. Here is a guide to this classic line of shoes.

Different designs of Old Skool | Why is Old Skool so popular? | Do Vans last long?


Your Guide to Buying a Pair of Vans Old Skool in Hong Kong

Old school fashion, whether it’s apparel or footwear, never goes outdated and is now even getting a modern upgrade as designers come up with contemporary styles. For example, the Vans Old Skools collection which started in the 1970’s, sports a classic design that lives on up to this day. Today, the Old Skool collection in Hong Kong comes with new, colorful designs that will step up your shoe game. Get acquainted with this awesome pair of kicks by looking at this quick guide that talks about unique designs of Old Skools and ways to keep them in mint condition.

Different designs of Old Skool

The Old Skool collection is not only comprised of sneakers with a wave-like side stripe, it also comes with other variations just like with other lines of shoes out there.


The Mountain Edition Line (MTE) is a rugged variant of the standard model of Old Skool. These shoes boast sturdiness and durability, making them withstand harmful elements. They come with a heat retention layer that keeps a wearer’s feet warm. Along with Scotchguard-treated uppers and fleece-lined trimmings, these kicks are specially designed to be breathable, moisture-wicking, and make you look cool.

Reissue DX

This variety of Old Skool sports a more vintage look than others, providing a more retro vibe to the wearer. They look pretty similar to the standard model but with a few differences. They are topped with a combination of suede and leather, shielding them from scuff marks.

Maintaining your Old Skools’ good looks

Whether you are just about to get a pair of these cool kicks or already a proud owner of one, here is a couple of things to keep in mind to preserve your Old Skools’ pristine condition.

Get a good sneaker cleaner

Sneaker cleaners have been around for a long time, as long as sneakers. Back in the days and even up to this day, people use old, practical ways to clean their kicks with a toothbrush and soap or dishwashing liquid. Now, there are already high-end cleaning products out there that have been increasingly popular amongst sneaker wearers like the Sneakers ER Superhydrophobic Sneaker Protector. Although they can’t repel dirt from getting to your pair of Old Skools, they can be removed easily with just a few wipes using them. They also shield your shoes against scuff marks. That’s why before stepping on your pair of Old Skools, you should apply some sneaker cleaner. It’s quite easy - just spread and wipe the cleaner evenly on your shoes and leave them to dry.

Personalize your kicks

To keep your Vans Old Skools looking good, personalize your pair by improving its lacing. To make this possible: replace the laces replaced another color, then play with the lace style by trying new ways like straight or lattice lacing. These simple steps will breathe a new life in your pair of Old Skools without having to paint them or do expensive customizations.

Why is Old Skool so popular?

The Old Skool sneakers were Vans' first-ever skate shoe launched in the year 1977 that incorporated leather panels for increased durability. Over the years, the Old Skool was a big hit due to its evergreen design and the fact that many celebrities have them whether it is Hollywood celebrities or K-pop idols. Having many colourways and collaborations, the Old Skool has captured the attention of many causing it to be so popular today. Other reasons why the Old Skool is so popular is because of the brand's ability to capitalize on two major trends that are trending such as athleisure and a preference for vintage and retro styles.

Do Vans last long?

Whether it is Old Skool or other sneakers of Vans, Vans' shoes are known to last for a long time, however, it all depends on how you take care of them. If you are a person that takes good care of your sneakers, you can probably wear them for a very long time. It is advisable to use water-resistant spray if you wish your Vans sneakers to last longer.