VANS offers their faithful followers edgy, spunky, fashionable, and even custom made sneakers and other accessories. Many celebrities like Zac Efron, Natalie Portman, Taylor Swift and Adam Brody are so in love with this brand that shoes are flying “Off The Walls” in Vans’ stores. Have a look-see at the VANS shoes below!


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Top Vans Shoes Price List 2019

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Vans Low-tops & sneakers HK$ 486.52 YOOX
Vans Low-tops & sneakers HK$ 431.59 YOOX
Vans Low-tops & sneakers HK$ 243.26 YOOX
Vans Low-tops & sneakers HK$ 486.52 YOOX
Vans Low-tops & sneakers HK$ 235.41 YOOX
Vans Low-tops & sneakers HK$ 431.59 YOOX
Vans Low-tops & sneakers HK$ 486.52 YOOX
Vans Low-tops & sneakers HK$ 431.59 YOOX
Vans Low-tops & sneakers HK$ 290.34 YOOX
Vans High-tops & sneakers HK$ 408.05 YOOX
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Vans Low-tops & sneakers

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VANS Shoes Hong Kong- Shoes That Are Off-The-Wall Crazy

A brand with its awesome history, VANS is the epitome of cool and awesome when wearing their shoes. The glorious history of VANS shoes begins when Paul Van Doren, James Van Doren, Gordon Lee, and Serge D'Elia opened their first store. Despite displaying only three styles, the twelve customers purchased the shoes and the company lacked inventory stock for sale as the company only made display models only. Despite making those shoes for their customers, the company has forgotten to maintain its cash reserve to provide changes to its customers who have to return to pay on the next day. These early shoes by these twelve customers are known popularly as "Authentic''.

From someone who was sweeping the floor of the factory to taking up a challenge to start his very own shoes brand, he embodied what it means to be part of VANS culture: all-conquering culture against all odds. Not surprisingly, VANS shoes reflect that legacy laid by its founder very well. As a result, you have an uber cool & mad shoes that will instantly turn you into the top player! You will be the trendsetter that is unafraid with the passing of time because VANS shoes stays classy yet casual forever. While trends move on, the legacy of VANS style will stay on; the simplicity and boldness that reminds you of a skateboarder that knows no fear while striding along uneven ground.

VANS Shoes Hong KongFor Victorious Generation

The Original Skateboarding Shoes

Before being mainstream and popular with the public, the community of skateboarders love VANS shoes because they have strong grips that work well with the skateboards.

Authentically Athletic

VANS shoes often offer full ankle support & comfort, perfect for those that need good training shoes.

Classic & Checkered

The retro & classic look is the attractive feature that defines the great VANS shoes and anyone who wears them will not be out of fashion because they are always relevant and easy to pair with other designs seamlessly.

Freedom & Adventure

For those that love casual & carefree lifestyle, VANS shoes personify those qualities with their distinctive design & style.

Back To Basics

Always stick back to its root, VANS shoes build a lasting legacy of unmatched awesomeness and its culture will not run out of style.

Top VANS Shoes Phi;ippines

Explore & enjoy the various cool and mad shoes designs by VANS Phi;ippines.

VANS Era Collection

The great iconic VANS classic low top lace-up skate shoe with the signature Waffle Outsole.

VANS Hadley Collection

Vintage & stylish VANS piece that will rock well with any of your outfit.

VANS Classic Slip-On

The original, classic VANS skate shoes that everyone loves. Easy to wear, this pair is definitely suitable for any occasion.

VANS Italian Weave Authentic CA

Providing casual comfort with this richly coloured patterns from the imported Italian Prima Visione fabric, this VANS Italian Weave Authentic CA is a class of its own.

Vans Classics Sk8-Hi Del Pato MTE

This VANS Classics combined the Californian skateboarder with the ruggedness of New England; whether snow or rain, this VANS keeps your feet warm and dry.

Buy & Get Your Own VANS Shoes Phi;ippines

VANS boasts incredible amount of mad & crazy shoes designs for those trendsetters and aspiring champions that are ready to take on the world and its challenges. Whether being the vanguard of trendy army or the vanquisher of complacent or outdated fashion styles, the VANS shoes will be your faithful companion that always goes well with those that dared to be different!

VANS for men has great selection of rugged yet stylish designs for men.

Amazing and unique styles for women can be found in VANS for women.