No matter how far the beauty trend has come, there will never be any product that can replace Vaseline. People of all ages, men and women alike, are all familiar with this petroleum jelly cream. Did you know that Vaseline has many other usages besides moisturizing skin? Click here to find out.


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About Vaseline Hong Kong– the iconic beauty staple

Let’s rewind the clock to 1859 when Vaseline was just still an “embryo”. As soon as the use of petroleum had already been discovered, Robert Augustus Chesebrough – a British chemist started his research on the potential of this mixture for more skincare solutions. He became the first skincare professional who used petroleum to develop health and beauty products from petroleum and the man was the Founder of Vaseline. Hence, petroleum jelly also officially goes by the brand name Vaseline.

The foremost advantage of Vaseline is its natural ability to heal cuts and burns on human skin. Chesebrough spent 5 years long to study and experiment it until the year 1865; the first triple-purified petroleum jelly extract was introduced to the US consumers under the name “Wonder Jelly” which also changed the way people take care of their skin.

Chesebrough soon established a large scale Vaseline factory in Brooklyn, New York in 1870 and started to market his product across New York. The main focus back then was more toward skin healing properties. The original name “Wonder Jelly” was changed to “Vaseline” – the combination of Germanword ‘wasser’ (water) and Greek word ‘oleon’ (oil) in 1872.

Throughout 140 years (and counting) of development, Vaseline is now consumed by people all around the world and it does not limit to skin healing effect anymore. In fact, the actual benefits of Vaseline will surprise you as not only are they very practical, they also make Vaseline sound like an actual wonder gel!

Vaseline 101 - A simple guide to maximize the use of Vaseline

Let’s begin our quest to discover the capability of Vaseline for daily use, especially skin care and makeup routines as well as other incredible uses of Vaseline.

Heal scratches and skin wounds

The most important uses of Vaseline are of course to heal minor wounds on our skin, especially to soothe burnt areas and beside that, its cooling effect is also great for skin moisturizing.

Replace body lotions and moisturizers

  • Vaseline can be used as a face lotion too. Apply evenly on your face before going to bed every night will result in desirable smoothness for your complexion.
  • Furthermore, you can replace all the body cream products with only Vaseline to tackle dry skin.

Remove makeup

Did you know that you can use Vaseline as a makeup remover? In fact, it is recommended to substitute for it as Vaseline contains harmless ingredients which makes it suitable to all skin types!

Enhance your eyelashes strength and extent its length

On the makeup note, Vaseline will also help to thicken your eyelashes. Just simply apply a tad bit of the jelly onto your lashes before going to bed and watch the magic! You will notice your lashes will become thicker naturally in wo weeks’ time.

Soften your lips

Move to the lips, Vaseline is a great lip balm as well with proven positive results from professional makeup artists. You can make use of Vaseline to create the irresistible luscious look for your lips. After applying your lipstick, just gently dab the jelly on the center of your lower lip, spread it out and voila, who needs the lip plumping enhancer anymore.

Shape your eyebrows

Apply a bit of Vaseline on your brows to easier shape it whichever way you wish with minimum effort.

Beautify your makeup look

Use Vaseline to compliment your eyeshadow look by applying it before putting on makeup. You will be amazed by its luminous effect for an ultimate edgy style!

Hair care and split ends treatment

Similar to skin moisturizer, you can use Vaseline to keep your hair healthy and manageable without spending a fortune on hair salon. Furthermore, the jelly also helps to get rid of the annoying split ends effectively.

Prevent rashes

Before putting on the diaper for your baby, apply a layer of Vaseline to prevent irritating rashes.

Prolong your perfume duration

If you find your perfume fades too fast, just apply Vaseline on your pulse points then only spray the perfume.

Other practical uses of Vaseline beside health and beauty purposes

  • Remove lip stains from soft surface.
  • Polish old shoes.
  • Slide a ring off your finger easily without causing pain.
  • Protect your newly inked tattoo and enhance its sharpness.

Those are the most common ways that people use Vaseline. But the brand doesn’t have only that, let’s find out more incredible products under this skincare expert below.

Popular Vaseline products in Hong Kong

The original Wonder Jelly – Vaseline Jelly: As the foundation and essence of the Vaseline brand, for every 39 seconds there’s a tub of Vaseline petroleum jelly being sold anywhere in the world.
Vaseline Jelly Original
Vaseline Jelly Cocoa Butter
Vaseline Jelly Baby
Vaseline Intensive Care: This exclusive product line caters to customers who want to get rid of dry cracked skin in a short period of time and at the same time, enhance the wellness of their skin.
Vaseline Intensive Care Healing Serums
Vaseline Intensive Care Lotions + Cocoa Butter edition
Vaseline Intensive Care Spray Moisturizers
Vaseline Lip Therapy: While the benefits of the original petroleum jelly are already satisfying, you might want to thoroughly take good care of your lips with this special lip therapy product line. You can choose from tins, mini tins or tubes packaging and enjoy the wonderful result within weeks.
Vaseline Men: This men lotion is especially made to tackle serious skin dryness and damages. You can rely on Vaseline Men products to maintain a healthy, flawless complexion inside out.

More than just a health & beauty brand, Vaseline also cares for the community’s sustainability in every way possible. Let’s join force with Vaseline’s Healing Project to provide dermatological care for those who are underprivileged, start right here!