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Velvet Touch Seamless Push-Up Bra at 93.00 HKD from YesStyle
Velvet Touch Seamless Push-Up Bra
HK$ 93.00 HK$ 155.00
Brand from China: Velvet Touch. Color: Nude, Materials: Nylon, Size: 70A: Bust (Top): 80cm, Bust (Bottom): 68-72cm 70B: Bust (Top): 83cm, Bust (Bottom): 68-72cm 70C: Bust (Top): 85cm, Bust (Bottom): 68-72cm 70D: Bust (Top): 88cm, Bust (Bottom): 68-72cm 70E: Bust (Top): 90cm, Bust (Bottom): 68-72cm 70F: Bust (Top): 93cm, Bust (Bottom): 68-72cm 75A: Bust (Top): 85cm, Bust (Bottom): 72-77cm 75B: Bust (Top): 88cm, Bust (Bottom): 72-77cm 75C: Bust (Top): 90cm, Bust (Bottom): 72-77cm 75D: Bust (Top): 93cm, Bust (Bottom): 72-77cm 75E: Bust (Top): 95cm, Bust (Bottom): 72-77cm 75F: Bust (Top): 98cm, Bust (Bottom): 72-77cm 80A: Bust (Top): 90cm, Bust (Bottom): 78-82cm 80B: Bust (Top): 98cm, Bust (Bottom): 78-82cm 80C: Bust (Top): 95cm, Bust (Bottom): 78-82cm 80D: Bust (Top): 98cm, Bust (Bottom): 78-82cm 80E: Bust (Top): 100cm, Bust (Bottom): 78-82cm 80F: Bust (Top): 103cm, Bust (Bottom): 78-82cm 85A: Bust (Top): 95cm, Bust (Bottom): 83-87cm 85B: Bust (Top): 98cm, Bust (Bottom): 83-87cm 85C: Bust (Top): 100cm, Bust (Bottom): 83-87cm 85D: Bust (Top): 103cm, Bust (B, Care: N/A
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