The street of Tokyo is always filled with colourful styles and outstanding individuals. Being nourished in the ‘la la land’ of the world, the youth of Japan has an ultimate access to all thing fabulous. Together with a strong influence of Manga or Anime, Japan’s fashion industry was shaped in a way like no other. To get the essence of this land of rising sun, you should totally check out Wakai – a footwear brand that is famous worldwide for its Japanese spirit.

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Let Wakai polish your street style to perfection

Wakai is no stranger to fashion lovers in general and shoeaholics in particular. This is a Japanese footwear brand that was crafted to capture the pure essence of its spiritual heritage. If you are drawn to the strong individualistic character that is portrayed through street style, don’t miss out on Wakai’s special collections of funky textile designed slip-on shoes.

The meaning behind the brand’s name is “Young Lifestyle” (Wakai Raifustairu in Japanese). With that being the utmost inspiration, Wakai always strives to embed the signature characters of the youth of Japan on every piece of design, from abstract and vibrant slip-on shoes to contemporary fashion lookbooks. You can expect to see a strong influence of the cosplay culture embodied on Wakai’s shoes and accessories collections. So be prepared to stand out from the crowd with Wakai!

With its periscope focused on Sport – Music – Art – Retail – Technology, Wakai aims to polish up everyone’s street style in the most dynamic way possible. Thanks to Wakai, even just a simple pair of shoes can enhance your personal sense of fashion and inspire you to blend in the extraordinary Japanese lifestyle.

Beauty is in the simplicity of Wakai

Fashion is a broad universe of countless of new creations of style and it is the individual’s creativity that embellishes the rainbow spectrum of fashion. Wakai is here to give you the perfectly simple garment for your fashion statement. Take a look at Wakai’s shoes to be wowed by its classical look infused with modern textile to complete the trending minimalistic look for your everyday’s style.

The signature products line of Wakai are slip-on canvas shoes. They are naturally elegant and functional so you can easily style them with any chosen outfits to define your style. Here are the main slip-on shoes collection from Wakai:

The classic:

These shoes are especially designed for those who adore the simplicity and easy-to-pair style of footwear. The classic collection brings to you a handful of vivacious colours including:

  • Black/Canvas
  • Blue/Grey
  • Navy/Grey
  • Brown/Khaki
  • Mint
  • Chocolate
  • Dark
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Black Green

These plain slip-on canvas shoes match perfectly well with almost anything. You can either go rebel with an opposite component such as a feminine skirt or stick with the elegant and modern unisex look by pairing with a denim boyfriend jeans. You can never go wrong with Wakai’s Classic slip-on shoes!

The Stamp:

If you are looking for a fun and Istagram-perfect garment, Wakai’s Stamp collection will satisfy your creative mind. Featuring the same simple element of style like the Classic, Stamp embeds a more characteristic touch on the shoes’ textile. That being the abstract designs on either the backstay or the vamp of the shoes. The combination of plain canvas and funky pattern gives a unique look on your whole outfit set. Pair them with more playful clothes to stand out from the crowd!

The Fashion:

Fashion collections help to enrich your street style with a mixture of textile designs. There are many unique patterns for you to choose from. These printed slip-on shoes will make the best statement to your #ootd (Outfit Of The Day). You will immediately turn into a true fashionista by just simply styling your Wakai’s fashionable slip-on shoes with some retro clothes like an overall and a crop-top. Go wild with your choice of fashion with a pair of Wakai!

Stylish designs and functionality are what make Wakai everyone’s beloved brand

Every single pair of Wakai slip-on shoes is carefully designed and crafted to ensure an ultimate comfort for your foot. From the finest lining to impeccable sewing and flawless embroidering, Wakai shoes will give you the gentlest touch on every step of your way.

  • Elastic Upper Rubber: a small component to ensure an excellent flexibility in your movement
  • Lightweight Upper Lid: allows for a breathable surface to give your foot comfort as well as prolong the shoes’ durability
  • Rounded Backtag: Wakai’s logo identification, do check for this tag to make sure that the product is authentically made by Wakai
  • Comfortable I-Zone: a soft and finely crafted platform for your comfort
  • Double Pad Sponge: featured right underneath the I-zone to completely protect your foot and enhance comfortability.
  • Sustainable T-zone: an important part of the shoes as a deciding factor of your shoes’ durability. Wakai’s outsole surface is designed with 70% rubber and 30% TPR that guarantees a long lasting lifespan of your shoes.

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