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Wearing matching items are the best way to tell the world that you are a couple. Get the best couple watches in Hong Kong and learn about the different type of products below!

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SKMEI Outdoor Compass Watch Couple Waterproof Wristwatch for Man (Red)
HK$ 122.00 HK$ 220.00

SKMEI Outdoor Compass WatchCouple Multifunction Waterproof Pedometer Watch for Man Features: Compass stopwatch time countdown alarm clock display date week step count calorie calculation exercise mileage 12/24 hour system whole point timekeepingSpecifications:Model Number: 1360Movement: ABS case high-quality PU strap high transparent resin mirror stainless steel bottom cover stainless steel buckleNet weight: 53gDial diameter: 49mm/1.93inThickness: 5mm/0.20inWaterproof performance: 50M/ 164inWatch maintenance knowledge:1. Please do not close the watch and magnetic objects to each other.2. In case of water ingress (air) it should be immediately sent to the maintenance point for cleaning so as to avoid corrosion of the movement.3 if the table back with protection sheet or stickers please remove them before use or sweat will infiltrate the backing paper leading to the back and rust.4. Do not contact the watch with various solvents and various types of chemicals. Otherwise the case strap will be discolored and rusted due to corrosion.5 watch (quartz watch only) in the room temperature 5 C ~ 35 C range can be stable and accurate operation the temperature exceeds 50 C will lead to battery leakage or shorten the battery life. Do not leave the watch at a low temperature of -10C for a long period of time because the air-conditioning will cause the time to slow down or go faster. When the watch returns to normal temperature the operation resumes.Color:redNote:There may be slight size deviations due to manual measurement different measuring methods and tools.

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Types of couple watches

Couple items are sold everywhere in South Korea such as sweaters, shoes, bags, hats, etc. This is because; the locals believe that wearing similar styles not only helps to provide a special bond for the couple, it is also a way of showing affection for each other. Read about the variety of couple watches that you can purchase for your significant other.

Automatic watches

This is one of the best kinds of watches for your loved-ones, as there is no need for any manual winding. As long as there is arm motion, the watch’s mainspring is able to self-wind. It also stores enough energy to run for two days even if you do not wear it.

Chronograph watches

If you are a couple who enjoy outdoor activities such as cycling or running, the chronograph watch is just what you need. The reason is that the chrono watch dials allow the user to time races and events. It simply functions with a press of the pusher buttons at the side of the watch.

Diver watches

Another activity that any couple can enjoy is diving. Generally, diving watches are water resistant to at least 333 feet. It also comes with a unidirectional rotating bezel, so that scuba divers are reminded of their remaining air supply.

Fashion watches

These types of watches are great for matching with couple outfits and simply making a fashion statement about the wearer. This range is probably one of the more affordable kinds of couple watches.

Luxury watches

For the couple that appreciates all the finer things in life, the luxury watches have come a long way in terms of its design. It does not just serve the purpose of a timepiece as it is a work of art with fine movement and often embellished with gold, diamonds, springs, and tiny gears.

Mechanical watches

Couples who enjoy collecting watches will definitely benefit from the mechanical watches as it is a form of an investment. This is because; most of the craftsmanship of these watches is impossible to be duplicated with modern factories and machines. Instead, the manufacturing process requires it to be skillfully made by hand.

Sports watches

Another multi-functional watch, they are great for sporting activities for couples. The watch is incorporated with a wide range of functions such as heart rate monitors, altimeters, barometers, compasses, and GPS tracking.

Quartz watches

For the low-maintenance couple, quartz watches would be perfect for them. A quartz movement can be easily identified due to the tick-tock motion of the hands compared to the swift motions of a mechanical watch. Furthermore, these watches are much more affordable since there are only a few moving parts such as the quartz crystal that is needed for it to function.

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