A watch is not just a wearable time measuring device, it is also a fashion statement. A sports watch, however, is all that and more. It is a timepiece, a fashion item, a stopwatch, a thermometer, and so much more. It is everything you may require for your run around the field or when you swim laps at the community pool. Learn about sports watches and their capabilities below.


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Sports Watches: Timepieces That Can Withstand Rough Handling

Evolution of Watches: From Military to Civilians

Much of the early and mid-20th century fashion trends revolved around classy, professional-looking watches that functioned more as a fashion item than a time-measuring device. Sports watches did exist, but they were specially made for aviation and military use.

Then, the trends began to change and people started demanding more functional and practical watches that led to the designs and manufacturing of highly functional sports watches for the masses. To this date, sports watches continue to evolve and grow with the emergence of new health technology and other measuring instruments that could benefit the users.

What Makes A Sports Watch

A sports watch does not only function as a trendy-looking timepiece (like most other watches). It is made to be durable and able to withstand the harsh environments and rigorous activities that a sportsperson may go through.

What makes it durable would be the materials that it is made from. Most sports watches are made using materials like rubber, plastic, metal, and/or resin as this makes them able to withstand most extreme environments.

Capabilities To Suit Your Sporting Needs

A sports watch can be categorized into either a digital watch or an analogue watch. Other than that, a sports watch does have some special capabilities built into it, depending on what an individual is looking for. Below are a few examples of watch capabilities that will suit certain sporting and outdoor activities:

Running/Other Timed Sports

- Stopwatch

- GPS Tracker

- Heart Rate Monitor

- Water-Resistant

Swimming/Diving (Not scuba diving)

- GPS tracker

- Stopwatch

- Water-Resistant

- Lap counter


- GPS Tracker

- Shock and Water Resistant

- Stopwatch

- Heart Rate Monitor

- Weather Info

- Barometers

Wearable Fashion For Your Outdoor Activities

Despite the many functions that are crammed into that one tiny object, sports watches have been designed to suit one’s individual fashion sense. One example would be the Casio watches. The Casio watch has several series like the Casio G-Shock Sport, Casio Baby-G Sport, and Casio Protrek Sport series that are made from resin and feature a young, trendy and hip look that suits the younger generation with its bright colours and, sometimes, unique patterns. Another would be the Seiko Sports watches that uses mostly metal bracelets or leather straps and has a more professional, classy look to them.

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