Try picturing this. One day, you are out in the mall or someplace, wearing your favorite clothes and just enjoying life. Then, your watch strap suddenly snaps in two. Sounds like the perfect horror story for any fashionista. Now, don’t panic. It is just a scenario of what may happen.

Rather than falling prey to such mishaps, why not buy a replacement strap? Just a little something you may need for a rainy day in the future. If your next question would be how would you know which watch strap to buy, then click here to read more.

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Watch Straps Hong Kong: Keeping Time Within Easy Reach

Watch Straps Hong Kong: From Pocket Watch to Wrist Watch

To understand the importance and need of watch straps, let us go back to the beginning of when wearable time devices first came in existence. Watches (as these wearable time devices are known as) begun to make their appearance around the early 16th century in the form of Nuremberg watches that were said to be somewhere between the size of a mantle clock and a pocket watch. It was not until 1675 that the first pocket watch was invented when several key factors came into play (namely the invention of screws in 1550) that made it possible to create a watch small enough to fit in your pocket.

It was quite a number of years later that the pocket watch slowly evolved into the fashionable wristwatches that we see today. The idea of the wrist watch back then was perhaps conceived during the World War I, when the idea of strapping little clocks to the soldiers’ wrists made better sense than having them carry one in their pockets. It was much later that the wrist watch was designed for the use of women as well (though it functioned more as a decorative item and was not as precise or punctual as the watches we see today).

The Glue That Holds Everything Together

Well… Not really glue, but you get the point. Without a strap, how do you expect to use a watch (and no, wearing it on a chain around your neck or putting it in your pocket is not a good solution)? A strap is the most vital part of the watch as it is not functional, but also a fashion statement. From colours and materials to the tiny detailed designs, a watch strap gives character to the overall look of the watch.

From Fashionable to Practical

Straps are made from many different types of materials. Usually, the materials that are used would lend an either luxurious or more casual look. For example, a Patek Philippe or a Rolex (or any other luxury watches) would usually use metal bracelet or leather straps as they would make the watch look more luxurious as well as classy. Similar to how Casio would use resin straps for their G-Shock and Baby-G watch series for a more casual and trendy look.

Among the more common materials used would be:

  • Rubber, resin, or plastic
  • Leather (or any other kind of animal hides)
  • Nylon (or any other cloth-type materials)
  • Metal

Other than being just a fashion statement, certain watch straps are made from specific materials for a more practical function. An example would be watch straps made from ceramic carbide that are suitable for people with metal allergies and sensitive skin as this material is completely hypoallergenic. Another example would be the use of watch straps made from rubber, nylon, silicone and/or resin for sports and outdoor activity watches as these materials are more durable and are sweat proof.

Strapped and Ready For Your Needs with Watch Straps Hong Kong

From creating a fashion statement to being suited for a person’s needs, it is clear as day that this little piece (or pieces) of material is important in order to keep time firmly tied to your wrist.

Rather than sticking around with just one watch strap, why not get another one (maybe in a different colour?) and switch out the strap so that you can create a customized watch that is unique to your style. How about a DKNY metal strap for a classy look? Or a Casio G-Shock resin strap for durability?

The possibilities are endless with the array of products offered here at iprice.