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Odd Sox WWE Enzo & Cass

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Nothing beats WWE live

RoooaaAARR!! The live crowd are on their feet, anticipating the match. The arena darkens and the audience silent down. Haunting bell ringing begins, eight men wearing long black cloaks march into the arena with well-lit torches. Then, a tall figure appears in the darkness approaching the main stage. He gives a strong stare and walks slowly through the torched pathway into the ring. Loud music and even louder cheers begin to fill the arena as the Undertaker takes off his big hat and long black coat. The live match begins!

WWE puts on great productions three nights a week on television, but nothing beats seeing the show in person. Like a live concert or a live band performance, a live WWE show offers a whole different feeling and a way better experience than watching it at home. Dramatic lightings, fireworks, flames, countdowns and loud music always make the WWE stars’ entrances interesting and exciting.

What is WWE?

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) not is an integrated media organization and a recognized leader in global entertainment; it is also a publicly traded company. The company has a portfolio of businesses that make and present original content 52 weeks a year to a global audience. WWE is dedicated to family friendly entertainment on its television broadcasts, pay-per-view, publishing and digital media platforms. WWE broadcasts at more than 650 million homes globally in 35 languages.

The brand also own the first-ever 24/7 premium network called WWE Network that allows direct interaction with its viewers. The network has 12 live pay-per-views, a massive video-on-demand library and scheduled programming. WWE Network is currently running in more than 175 countries with its headquarter in Stamford, Connecticut and offices in Munich, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Mexico City, New York, Mumbai, Shanghai, Singapore, Dubai and London.

Can children watch WWE?

Since its debut in 1999, WWE’s SmackDown has always been rated TV-PG, which requires parental guidance as the program contains material that parents may find unfit for younger children with one or more themes like course language, moderate violence or suggestive dialogues. Therefore, families in America really do go watch these live matches as a whole so you can see young kids at the arena.

Starting from June 2008, all of WWE’s broadcast programming has been rated as TV-PG and is broadcasted in more than 35 languages in 175 countries at more than 650 million homes worldwide. WWE creates seven hours of original programming that is watched by approximately 15 million fans in the U.S weekly.

Parents are encouraged to help their children pick suitable programs and to understand the difference between scripted-entertainment television and real life. WWE also urges those who allow their children to watch their shows to explain what their talents do on television. WWE performances are conducted in a safe environment and executed by highly trained athletic professionals so the acts should never be emulated or attempted in real life as its physicality is extremely dangerous.

Fake or Real?

Yes, it is undeniably fun to watch WWE where people beat each other up but are they really hurt during the show? As many WWE stars have said it, “it’s Real entertainment.” So, although they have rehearsals (only a few times because of the packed scheduled!), these warriors are really putting their lives on the line for a great performance!

Yes, it’s scripted and the storyline and characters have been predetermined, real people are still involved for the show. Variety and entertainment businesses were at its peak in the 1990s, that decade brought us the explosion of the Internet and with it, more websites than any person could visit in a lifetime. It was understandably only a matter of time before the “show bubble” burst, along with the state of professional wrestling in North America. The only one that is left standing was the WWE, the final organization that is still standing tall until today.

WWE got things right with its “Brand Extension” era that divided the Raw and SmackDown brands into two separate entities. It kept the audience entertained and interested with story lines and rivalry between the two shows. But after years of successful angles and memorable matches, the WWE ultimately wrapped up the extension with a new “Supershow” format.

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