[Wall Mounted] XIAOMI Deerma Automatic Aromatherapy Humidifier Air Purifier Seamless Aroma Diffuser Automatic Fragrance Machine Description : Xiaomi Deerma [ Wall Mounted ] Automatic Aromatherapy Machine Aroma Diffuser Automatic Fragrance Machine - [ Manual / Automatic 2 Modes ] : Not only can it be sprayed automatically, but it can also be configured with manual mode, which can be controlled at any time - when feeling the air is turbid or smelly, you can spray it with a short press of the button. - [ Electromagnetic Induction Control, Timed Fragrance ] : Built-in smart chip, preset automatic spray every 20min, to add fresh aroma to the interior, to dispel the turbid air and odor in daily life. Stand by for 24 hours a day, bringing you a whole day of fresh aroma - [ Seamless Wall Hanging ] : In the form of wall hanging, the hanging plate is placed vertically on a smooth and smooth surface, and the main unit can be easily hung. No need to punch holes, not only protect various walls, but also have more installation methods - [ Vertical Jet High And Far ] : The horizontal eruption system was changed to vertical, avoiding the shackles that spray directly onto the face. The collecting spout can spray the aroma into the air in a bundle, let the fragrance radiate high and far, and reach all corners of the room in all directions. - [ Long Lasting Ffragrance ] : The high-pressure design is combined with the micro-pore nozzle to spray out fine particles to form an artificial fragrance, which drifts for a long time and is suspended in the air. Each bottle of spray can be used for 20 days Specification : Brand De HK$ 118.71
Original Xiaomi Smartmi Evaporation Air Humidifier with 4L Capacity support Mi home APP Control Note: The world's first 110-220V universal version will be launched at Banggood in early March, and now the lowest price is on scheduled. (The old version of Xiaomi Smartmi Humidifier is only support 220V, now you can buy the latest version, and banggood will provide a free mini&safe adaptor according to your country, so you can use it everywhere) Description : Original Xiaomi Smartmi Evaporation Air Humidifier with 4L Capacity support Mi home APP Control Feature : Quiet and low-power: Quiet and energy-saving running for a long time to ensure the continuous supply of moist air. 34.3dB mute sleep protection Automatic water evaporation: Running for 8h when it reaches the lowest level, automatic evaporation water, avoiding the smell Smart control: It can be operated through Xiaomi APP Integrated capacitive touch panel, display operation integration 4L large water capacity, the usage time is 16h Open water tank, easy to wash Convenient waterflooding: The capacitance water level sensor detects the water level automatically, and the panel water level lamp shows the water level Specification : Brand Xiaomi Smartmi Color White Shape Commercial Square Type Evaporative Air Humidifier Wireless network Wi-Fi Ieee 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz APP Mijia APP Timing Function YES Operation Method Remote Control Humidity Control Remote Control Capacity of Water Tank 3L-5L Rated Humidification 240ml/h Humidification Area 10-15 Noise 34.3db--45db Plug CN Plug(220V) / US Plug(110-220V) (banggood wi HK$ 1,224.72